Living rooms

Crazy living rooms

Most people are afraid to use too many colors, but what they often fail to see is that it’s the way they use and place color that can make or break the room, says many design consultants, who propose an easy “rule of three” that can help infuse your home with vitality.

Decorate your space with tiers of color. Begin with a rug, fabric or wallpaper you love and look closely at what colors are in it. The rug is a good place to start because it warms the room and you can build up.

What colors do I love?
What colors make me happy? If you don’t have an immediate answer to this question, check your closet. Does one color dominate? Design consultant Sheldon, who is trained as an architect, was recently working with a client to choose wall colors for a new house. After finally finding the perfect bedroom color, the client realized it was the same shade as her favorite coat. When you like a color, you really like a color.