Special Edition of The Lemmy Channel

Everybody's favorite program is back for a special edition. This week on The Lemmy Channel, our friends at The Bucky Channel linked to our 2009 NFL Mock Draft to see what we had to say on their hometown Packers pick. 

Rather than use this space to re-hash what we said in this post, we thought we'd alert you to a cool little game they're playing over at The Bucky Channel called Bucks Survivor

It's an obvious take on the hit show, Survivor, but in TBC's version they allow their readers to vote off members of the Milwaukee Bucks. The team is split into two "tribes," with immunity granted to one player on that week's losing tribe. You don't have to be a Bucks fan to vote off your least favorite players of the team, so go ahead and check them out and follow the hit game that is sweeping the nation. 

While you're over there, be sure to leave a comment urging The Bucky Channel to join twitter. Here's what they said last month about the social networking craze:

Twitter sucks so much, it's a stupid trend that is pointless and stupid and doesn't contribute anything beneficial to society and is a waste of time and will fade out within six months and is not worth the trouble to either update or check out people's Twitters. How people are making money off of something so stupid blows my brains and now I must move on before I quit doing The Bucky Channel right this very moment, that is how much I hate Twitter.
And, of course, be sure to follow Lemmy's twitter account if you aren't already.