How many hobbies do you have? Is it challenging for you to find a great space to actually work on your craft? Your hobby materials may be in several rooms throughout your home.

Whether you need an extra bedroom for guests or for a growing family, more room to entertain, or a home office, hobby room, or workshop, creating new spaces in your home is an exciting adventure. Almost all basements are good candidates for remodeling. They contain large quantities of unused space which allows you to design it for almost any use.

Tips for Planning New Hobby Room
Here are some more ideas to consider when you plan a habitable space in the basement:
**Include plenty of window area for light and ventilation.
**Provide adequate support for the wall above the window.
**Install a light switch close inside the door.
**Install hardwired smoke alarms.
**Soundproof the basement ceilings to keep family noise out of your private retreat.
**Consider a half-bath close to the hobby room.


Model Railroad Construction

Clear space in basement. You will need at least 6m2 of clear space.

A how-to publication for model railroad construction. Includes layouts, track plans, and prototype information.