2009 NBA Mock Draft: Picks 7-8

Our 2009 NBA Mock Draft of the lottery picks continues as we get to the middle of the lottery order. Next up in the guard-heavy draft are a couple of players with unique skill sets to offer to their new teams.

7. Warriors: Stephen Curry, G, Davidson

After averaging nearly 30 points per game at Davidson during his junior year, Curry finally decided to make the leap to the NBA Draft. His dead-eye shooting ability will fit right in with the Warriors lineup, particularly his range from behind the arc. Still, there are questions about Curry. His small build could get him into trouble defensively in the NBA, and it's uncertain how he'll adjust to not being the only one taking shots. Based solely on his ability to shoot the ball, though, Curry should be around in the league for a long time.

8. Knicks: Jrue Holiday, G, UCLA

The Knicks would have loved Curry at the eight spot, but Holiday makes for one heck of a consolation prize. Holiday could develop into one of the better defensive players in the league, but he needs to work on his jump shot if he wants to become a complete player. Like other guards in this draft, his defense is sometimes his best offense, and many of his buckets come via quick buckets in transition--something the Knicks love to do. If the Knicks miss out on Curry, they'll be please with Holiday, although they'll desperately yearn for Curry's shooting ability.

Our 2009 NBA Lottery Mock Draft continues over the weekend as we creep closer and closer to the real thing on Thursday. Check out the previous entries on the upper right hand side of this site.