More 2009 NBA Draft Proposition Bets

We've already given you a couple of 2009 NBA Draft prop bets in the lottery, and we've shown you a way to literally make a quick buck, so now it's time to take a look at four more proposition wagers that may be worth your while tonight.

Once again, you can find these props and more over at BetED.

We mentioned that we would have a few more Tyler Hansbrough props, and indeed two of the props we like involve the North Carolina forward. And, wouldn't you know it, they've spelled all the names right. Like our lottery props, we like two Hansbrough props of the "Who will be drafted first" variety.

North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough (-325) vs. Arizona's Chase Budinger (+225)

We feel like the worst case scenario for Hansbrough is early twenties, while that's the best case for Budinger. There has even been some talk of Hansbrough as a lottery pick, but we don't think he'll go that high. We recommend Hansbrough here, even at -325.

North Carolina's Tyler Hansbrough (-220) vs. North Carolina's Wayne Ellington (+160)

We posted a variation of this earlier, and again, we think Hansbrough very well could be the first North Carolina player off the board. If not, he will definitely be the second. Ellington might even slip into the second round, but Hansbrough should be gone in the teens.

These next two props are a little different, in that you are betting on where players will go rather than if they will go before someone else.

Will UCLA's Darren Collison be drafted in the first round (+105) or second round (-145)

We really aren't sure why Collison being drafted in the first round has much better odds, as we think he'll definitely be picked in the 20's. Even if he's borderline, there's no way we're passing on +105 for him to be taken in the round that he really should be.

Where will Ohio State's B.J. Mullens be drafted? Picks 15-20 (+100)

We were too lazy to write out all the other choices, which you can find on the graphic above, but our hunch is that he'll go in this range. For even money, we don't mind taking a crack at him going right after the lottery, where several teams are interested. It doesn't matter that we think he'll suck and he is a long way away from the NBA, we think he'll be picked in this range.

The 2009 NBA Draft is finally here, beginning at about 6:00 central time. Be sure to review all of our prop bets beforehand, as well as our mock draft located on the right hand side of this page, to prepare for the big night.