Records Update

As you've probably noticed, we keep record of our free sports picks and post them on the side of this page. We've posted plenty of plays that weren't part of any system, so you won't find those stragglers on the right hand side of our site, otherwise all of our picks are posted on the side at the completion of the season so long as we played at least ten games under each particular system.

We have updated our 13-6 (68%) Free NBA Picks record and posted it under Lemmy's Resume now that the season is over, and so it joins the other completed sports seasons we have bet on.

We have received some criticism about the lack of plays that we post for certain systems, but that's just the way it is. Our systems are strict for a reason--they are successful.

Though we're not sure if we're going to focus more on free picks or analysis in the future, free picks will always be a part of the site. And when we do post them, we think our records speak for themselves.