Want to Make $1.18 on an NBA Draft Prop?

We are always looking at new ways to make money, and any amount of money will do. However, we might by laying off this enticing proposition bet for the 2009 NBA Draft.

Courtesy of BetED:

Who will Blake Griffin play for?

Los Angeles Clippers -8500

Any other team +3500

Now, these bets are often in place just so that average bettors see the huge odds on "any other team" and decide, what the hell, I'll throw a couple of bucks on this. There is virtually no way Blake Griffin doesn't play for the Clippers in the upcoming season, and while it would be nice to win $3,500 on a $100 bet, it's not happening. The Oklahoma big man will go No. 1 and will play for the Clippers in 2009. In fact, you would be better served betting $100 on Griffin playing for the Clippers, collecting your free $1.18 cents, and buying a hamburger or pack of gum or something.

We'll look at 2009 NBA Draft prop bets a little closer tomorrow, so until then, you can budget for an extra $1.18 in your bank account.

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