1930s hairstyles

Great story showing the hairstyles that suit different face shapes, with very glamorous results!
Hairstyles for different face shapes.

Great opening shot of a pretty girl wearing a hair net, sitting under a hairdryer and leafing through a magazine. Various shots then show us which hairstyles suit different face shapes, according to Jean Barrie, beauty expert of 'Woman's Fair' (although both commentary and hairstyling are done by men). This same brunette is seen having her hair set in a style that will disguise a prominent forehead; the finished hairdo shows sausage curls on each side, loose ones on top and a long roll of hair at the back.

The next girl, a blonde with a round face has her loose, fluffy hairstyle turned into a sleek one, combed close to the face, with little curls around the face to "soften the plumpness". A 'brownette' girl with a narrow face has her normal style adjusted to give her curls at the temples and at the back. Very glamorous.