Betting on Brett Favre's Vikings

Boy, John David Booty got old.

Wait a minute, that's Brett Favre!

Bettors are in a frenzy today as the longtime Packer and one time Jet wore purple for the first time in his career, going against everything that anybody has ever known about football.

So, how can bettors profit off of this move? The obvious answer is that they can't. Those who wanted to bet on the Vikings to win the NFC North or the Super Bowl should have done so while they were debating between Sage Rosenfels and Tarvaris Jackson--knowing the Favre would eventually decide to retire from retirement. (Those same people could also make some coin by re-selling season tickets).

The inevitability of this move made it easy for bettors to get a good price on the Vikings, but for those who didn't make like a gunslinger and pound the Favre-less Vikings, you're out of luck as far as bargain bin prices.

There is good news, though. You can still bet a different team to win the NFC North, and at better odds! We're of the thinking that the Bears or Packers will win this division either way, and in our case, we're glad we held off until Favre signed to make our pick.

Here's a look at the current odds to win the North:

Vikings 31/20
Bears 17/10
Packers 9/4
Lions 15/1

Not bad, but if you're going to play this one, hold off a bit. Wait for the public to hit the Vikings hard in the next few days and you'll get an even better price.

The Super Bowl odds for the NFC North teams look like this:

Vikings 12/1
Bears 15/1
Packers 24/1
Lions 100/1

We wouldn't recommend any of these, as we don't think the NFC North will represent the conference in the Super Bowl, but still. These numbers are just beginning to tempt us. As we said, the coming days should give us even more to think about as the odds on the Vikings to win it all continue to move based on public betting.

To sum it up, if you're looking at betting on Favre's Vikings, take a pass. Unless, of course, you're banking on him retiring again.