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We all get nervous before prom. Everyone expects us to look gorgeous and we also want to be the hottest ones. It is the final contest for our beauty, when we can prove that we can also look good and not only be a great student. We have to take big decisions and be ready to shine. We need a perfect dress, perfect makeup and of course a perfect hairstyle. Here are the hottest styles you can choose from.


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Loose hairstyles

Loose hairstyles are the simplest way to style our hair. It is perfect for any length and any hair type. It may be styled in tree ways: straight, wavy, or curly. It is up to us to decide which one matches our personality. The straight hair will lengthen the face but don't forget to keep the face clear by not framing it. It is recommended for round face shapes. Wavy or curly hairstyles are more romantic, that's why they are very popular. It is a glamorous hairstyle that reminds of the fairytale looks. The waves and curls may be styled with rollers, curling iron, or even with the flat iron. According to the result we want to achieve, the curling tool can be chosen by the size and the texture we are dreaming of. Of course, fixing it is an essential part of this hairstyle, but if it's done properly, it doesn't need touch-ups during the entire prom.

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Half updo hairstyles

The half updos are great for all the face shapes and hair types. It is a glamorous hairstyle that can be styled with medium and long hair. It provides a very feminine look, and with the pinned up sides, it emphasizes the facial features. If we pump it up on the top, it creates a lengthening and slimming illusion. It is very popular between celebrities to, because of the goddess look that provides. The texture of the hair is recommended as being wavy, but goes well with curly to. For the straight hair, some side swept bangs can look great, while the wavy/curly ones need to tease it up. In this case, don't forget to treat your hair after the event. The half updo hairstyle is perfect for any occasion, it can be done quickly, and fixed perfectly. You can even do it yourself, but for such an important event like the prom, we recommend going to a hair saloon.

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Updo hairstyles

If you want the most feminine and chic look, than choose the updo hairstyle. It is perfect for lengthening the neck and it can be styled in so many ways, that any kind of illusion may be created to hide your flaws. Teasing it, pinning it up, pulling it back or mix it with braids, you can do anything you think about. It matches any outfit and any event. Bangs can be left down or pinned up and braided with the rest of your hair. It can be accessorized and spiced up with hair jewelry or flowers. You can even wear a tiara. Vintage hairstyles can be created just as bohemian ones. It doesn't have to be complicated, it can be just as glamorous with the most simple updo ever. Maybe a french twist updo for a really feminine look. The ways to style updo hairstyles are endless. Just leave your imagination free and enjoy the prom.

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And lets not forget about the vintage burlesque hairstyles that may be created from all hair types and all lengths. Just make some finger waves, fix them and style it into a good girlish hairstyle. Use some vintage hair accessory and you are ready to go.

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