Rockabilly or the So Called Pin- Up Girl Hairstyles

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The rockabilly hairstyle is one of the most sensual and feminine hairstyles, reflecting the most beautiful features of the 40's. It is a rock- and- roll hairstyle which got a hit from the sexy Bettie Page. The hot pin-up model, created a real craze that still lasts in a whole pop culture. It is very popular at the moment, with their main characteristic: the way up high front hairstyle and close at the sides. Bettie Page sported short bangs, which is another nice version of the pi-up girl hairstyle.

Basic Elements of a Rockabilly Hairstyle

First of all, you should know that medium or short haircuts can make the best rockabilly hairstyles.

Another main part of the pin-up girl hairstyle is that you have to get curls or waves along the back part of your hair.

It is a polished look, which needs well hidden hair pins and strong fixing. So make sure you have the proper hair styling products.

Ways to Style Rockabilly Hairstyles

Jennys Pinup Updo

Starting from your curls, you should decide what style you are going to opt for. Tight curls can make a casual look with a back bun and the loose curls can make glamorous big waves in your hair. You can create a huge wave with your bangs or straighten them to get a classic Bettie Page look. Hot hair rollers will do the perfect styling tools for this hairstyle.

Once you got the curl in your long bangs, tease it in the back part of the curl and make the big wave in the front. This will make the main item of your look. Than pull the rest of your hair in the back comb, making it really tight at the sides. Fix it with plenty of hairspray.

For long hair, you have to get pin curls. Get the whole hair curly, and leave it loose with side swept bangs. You can try a comb to, but it will be harder to style because of the length. Finger waves are also a good option. Just make sure you can fix properly the curls into a polished look. The rockabilly hairstyle is very chic and feminine mostly because of it's perfect styling. You can make a French twist hairstyle with all the curls pulled in the front to pin them in large tube shaped waves on your forehead.

The main idea in creating rockabilly hairstyles are the curls. Leave the hair loose, pin it in a French twist and tube curls at the forehead, or make marvelous half updos with tight hair on the sides pulled up in two tube curls and blunt cut bangs in the front, there are endless styling possibilities. Just keep it curly and well polished. Many celebrities opt for this retro hairstyle, because it is edgy yet feminine and classy. Get inspired from the celebrities like: Gwen Stefani, Pink, Rihanna, Jenny McCharty, Dita Von Tesse and many others. Just make sure you find the style that matches your face shape: tight sides for the round faces because of the lengthening effect and loose curls for the long shaped faces to add width.

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