Free NFL Picks Pick Up Steam

We had mixed results in week one of the NFL season, eventually finishing a record nine-game card with a losing 4-5 record.

The volume of picks will likely be reduced as we become even more selective with a usually picky Free NFL Picks system, so don't expect to have such a crazy Sunday every week.

After an 0-1 start on Thursay, our Free NFL Picks wound up 4-4 on Sunday for an unspectacular 4-5 week.

The Packers 21-15 win over the Bears on Sunday night salvaged our day with a -3 1/2 spread. Prior to the nightcap, the Vikings crushed the -4 1/2 spread and the Browns with a 34-20 win; the Cowboys covered a -6 spread in a 34-21 victory over the Buccaneeers; and the Broncos, who already had a +4 1/2 cover secured, went on to a miraculous 12-7 triumph over the Bengals.

In all, we had a good end to a shaky weekend, but we look forward to a winning week two.