Time For Our Free NFL Picks To Get Hot

Our Free NFL Picks have been hovering around .500 all year, but we're feeling good about our picks this week and look forward to getting over the hump in Week 7.

Packers -9 over Browns

Falcons +4 over Cowboys

Bengals PICK over Bears

Dolphins/Saints UNDER 47 1/2

Eagles/Redskins OVER 37 1/2

And here are our weekly results:

Free NFL Picks
Week 1: 4-5
Week 2: 1-1
Week 3: 3-1
Week 4: 0-4
Week 5: 3-1
Week 6: 2-2
Total: 13-14... 48%

As you can see, we're still trying to make up for a disastrous Week 4.

You can find more NFL Lines at Doc's Sports.

Good luck!