Free Monday Night Football Pick!

We hope you enjoyed your Sunday off, as we had no NFL plays. Fortunately, we do have a Monday nighter.

Patriots +3 over the Saints

Good luck!

Two, yes two, Free NBA Picks Tonight

Our Free NBA Picks have started this season with very sporadic plays, but tonight we have two whole picks!

Cavaliers -5 1/2 over the Bobcats

Pistons -4 over the Clippers

Good luck!

Does Favre Prefer Minnesota to Wisconsin?

Much has been made about Brett Favre's switch from the Packers to the rival Vikings. While the aging quarterback has found some success with his new team, the question remains, does he like Minnesota better than Wisconsin?

Let's compare which is better with ten important categories:

Wisconsin vs. Minnesota
NFL: Packers Vikings
NBA: Bucks Timberwolves
MLB: Brewers Twins
NHL: None Wild
College: Badgers Gophers
State Bird Robin; Common Loon
State Tree Sugar Maple: Red Pine
State Flower: Wood Violet Pink and White Lady Slipper
State Song: On, Wisconsin Hail! Minnesota
State Motto: Forward The Star of the North

According to our count, Wisconsin wins out 6-4 in the essentials. The Packers, Bucks, and Twins prevail as the most successful franchises historically, while the rest is personal preference. Sure, it isn't the most scientific way to determine which state is better, but Favre has never been orthodox or sane, so we think this works.

What do you think? Any Pink and White Lady Slipper fans out there?

A tinta não "pegou"

Olá Amigos!
Hoje tive um probleminha em um de meus trabalho com uma cliente.

Pela primeira vez neste período de 4 anos na área como tatuador, encontrei essa cliente que de certa forma me deu dor de cabeça, pois fiz uma tattoo de 7cm X 9cm (uma carpa), contornei o desenho sem problemas. Porém na hora de colorir o desenho nunca vi coisa igual, a pele da cliente não segurava a tinta de forma alguma. Eu usei uma haste com 12 agulhas soldadas flat alternada e tintas da Masters Ink e Electric Ink. Na hora do preenchimento e sombreado degradê, parecia até a eu estava trabalhando sem tinta alguma na biqueira. A tinta não penetrava na pele de jeito algum. Pela primeira vez fiquei até confuso e não entendia o que estava acontecendo. Foi a tattoo mais demorada de se conclui que eu já fiz. Uma tattoo que normalmente levo 01:30h nesta gastei quase 04:00h para consegui a pintura desejada. Eu gostaria de saber se já aconteceu algo semelhante com algum dos tatuadores e qual foi a melhor forma de se resolver uma situação como esta???

Desde já agradecemos a atenção!

Um Abraço!
Welton Ricardo
Equipe Bangalô Stúdio

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Matheus Falcão, Dragão na Costela, 176

¨Bom me chamo matheus e estou enviando fotos da minha tattoo porque foi a primeira que fiz e a maior também.

Um dia estava vendo uma revista de tattoo e na hora em que eu bati o olho nessa eu me apaixonei. Juntei uma grana e resolvi fazer. Fiz em duas sessões, uma para contornar e outra para colorir.

Valeu muito a pena, espero que gostem.¨

Matheus Falcão

2-0 Week In NFL!

It's always disappointing when you only have two NFL plays all week--and one of them isn't until Monday. It's always less disappointing when both of them win.

The Raiders and Titans covered to keep the Free NFL Pick gravy train rolling in time for Thanksgiving.

Let's keep it going!

20 tatuagens deliciosas

Tem gente que ama tatuagem e também ama uma boa comida. Para marcar estes amores nada melhor que uma boa, colorida e suculenta tatugem em seus corpos. Wraps, tortas, doces, pizza, picolés, ovos, milho, sorvetes e pirulitos são pequenas amostras das guloseimas do quadro Crazy Tattoos.

20 incríveis tatuagens científicas

Em Crazy Tattoos não poderiam faltar as tatuagens científicas. Iniciando as tatuagens com temas científicos estão Albert Einstein, mundialmente famoso e criador da teoria da relatividade, Stephen Hawking, entre os mais consagrados físicos atuais e profundo pesquisador da cosmologia teórica e gravidade quântica. Além das personagens são representados também um microscópio, DNA, Estudos Biológios, representação do cloreto de sódio NaCl, átomos, neorônio, fósseis de dinossauro e fórmulas, são algumas das tatuagens loucas, criativas e científicas desta postagem.

2012 Nostradamus Prophecies

Sometimes, our picks have been so accurate that we have been compared to Nostradamus. While flattering, we know that nobody on record has been as accurate as predicting world history as Nostradamus himself. That is why we still hope to be picking games in 2012 and beyond.

With all the talk about what the Mayan Calendar says or what the Bible says or what some new movie with John Cusack says, all we want to know about 2012 is the truth. We aren't sure that we will be picking games three years from now because, quite frankly, we don't know if the world will still be around in three years.

That's why we are glad we found 2012 Truth to help us sort it all out. Finally, there's a website dedicated to finding the truth about December 21, 2012 to sift through all of the Doom's Day predictions.

As we continue to approach the potentially fateful day, all the theories and research you need to know what to expect can be found in one place-- which is good, because if we only have three more years on this planet, we can't be gathering all of this information without the help of a source such as this.

People don't want to hear any more lies and misinformation about this important date: people want the truth. Thankfully, you can sift through it all without watching misleading and confusing ratings grabbers on The History Channel. All of the different theories about 2012 are now in one place, free for you to debate or decide which prediction seems clearest to you. Nostradamus has a proven track record, the Bible is accepted in the Christian faith as the word of God, and the Mayan calendar is a good indication of what the future holds. So which prophecy will come to fruition? Right now there are more questions than answers, but we will find the truth before 2012 with the help of this site.

Fact or fiction? Truth or rumor? In this day and age, it is difficult to decide, but visit 2012 Truth and you should find some of the answers you are looking for.

NFL Week 11 Rundown

The Arrogance of Defeat

Hindsight is always 20/20, at least that’s what the adage will tell you. Bill Belichick would have you think otherwise, at least in his perfect world. But when the Patriots head coach made the decision to go for it on 4th and 2 with 2:03 left on the clock from his own 28-yard line last weekend against the Colts, I wasn’t thinking about how genius or insane the call was. Nope. There wasn’t a crevice of thinkspace that was dedicated to thinking that had the Pat’s converted the opportunity the game would have been-for all intents and purposes- over. Get the first down, run out the clock, game over. Or, if they didn’t convert New England would be surrendering the ball to All-World quarterback Peyton Manning, down by 6, at home, with only 28 yards to go for the go ahead touchdown. Nope. That is what hindsight is for.

When Tom Brady got to the line and set the offense, the scene wreaked of one of those generic scenarios in which an offense will hustle to the line on a 3rd or 4th and short only to hard count the defense in an attempt to draw them offsides. Or in this instance, at least get the Colts to burn their final timeout. And then…almost as quickly as my thoughts could even begin to process the scenarios of what exactly this play meant in terms of the outcome of the game, the ball was snapped. The pass was completed to Kevin Faulk, he fell short, the rest is as they say history. As the dust settled on what had just happened and before fully comprehending the eventual impact that the play was bound to have on the game (like clockwork, Manning took the field and threw a game winning touchdown pass to Reggie Wayne), I kept repeating three words to myself…”Only Bill Belichick.”The Pats blew a huge opportunity to make a statement in the AFC and the Colts walked off the field still undefeated with an 18 game regular season win streak still in tact.

In the week since the game, just about every sports columnist has made an attempt to rationalize Belichicks decision as abnormally genius, insightfully stupid or just about everything in between. For me, its hard to justify it as anything other than arrogant. Look, what happened…happened, and if they did convert everyone would just be hailing at how much smarter Belichick is than every other coach in the NFL, or maybe the call wouldn’t have been this much of a debate in the first place. He made a decision, he went with it. If the play had been converted, it would have been the right call. The Pat’s didn’t and it wasn’t.

The entire scenario spoke of Bill Belichick in a nutshell. We all know the persona. You love him or you hate him. He’s the best game planner in the league or hes a cheater. He is well revered by his peers or his lack of injury report details drives you up the wall. Spygate was just a bad coincidence or he was preaching the equivalent of coaching steroids. I know this was just another play in a long NFL season, but the undertones (at least in my opinion) spoke of something much more. He wasn’t just trying to win the game, we was trying to prove to everyone that he could win it in the most unconventional of ways. He was trying to make a statement …as if beating the Colts on the road wouldn’t be a statement enough. Simple arrogance.Was it really such a lock that if he had just punted the ball, Manning would have gone 70+ yards for the score? I don't think so. I mean, could you imagine if Eric Mangini tried to pull this off? Peace. Out. Get. Out. Of. Town.

Whether you agree with my take or not, certain things can’t be disputed. He has the credentials to attack the play without fear, and for this you must give him credit. The Super Bowl rings and pending playoff run sure ease the pain inside of the locker room and come a few weeks all of this will be quieted down and blown to the wind. When all is said and done, Belichick will go down in history as one of the most strategically enigmatic coaches of all time and only he would attempt to make this kind of proclamation when the season was potentially at its most fragile breaking point… 4th and 2. On the road. Up by 6. On his own 28-yard line. 2:03 remaining. Colts win streak on the line. Don’t hold your breath.

Match play: This weeks key matchups

Cleveland Browns (1-8) versus Detroit Lions (1-8)
Ok, so I wont be watching. I’ll actually be doing the complete opposite by blatantly ignoring this matchup of two of the leagues worst teams. Its like watching a compound fracture happen in slow motion. You close your eyes and continue to blink rapidly in hopes that you will see everything except the snapping of the bone. In this case…the entire game will play the part of the bone snapping. I can only hope Calvin Johnson finally goes off. He’s due.
Oh yea…Cleveland only has 5 offensive touchdown on the entire season.
Verdict: Lions win

Randy Moss, WR, New England versus Darrell Revis, CB, NYJ: Part Deux
Well the first matchup lived up to the hype if you were a Jets fan as Revis held Moss to a measly 4 receptions for an even measlier 24 yards while also hauling in a pick on a pass that was intended for Moss. But something tells me that this time will be different. Moss and Tom Brady really seem to be on the same page right now as Brady has looked more and more fluid in the pocket lately. The Jets came into that week 4 matchup with a lot of confidence, as they were undefeated. This time it’s a bit different and their defense hasn’t been nearly as intimidating as it was earlier in the year. Wes Welker, who missed the first matchup of these two teams, is back and will help a great deal in alleviating some of the coverage schemes aimed at slowing down Moss downfield. While Moss may not have a humongous game, a much more respectable performance should be in store this time around against one of the leagues premier corners. Remember, with Moss all it takes is one big play to get your moneys worth.

San Diego Chargers (6-3) versus Denver Broncos (6-3)
AFC West supremacy will be on the line in this matchup of two teams that seem to be playing all too familiar roles. Every season the Chargers stumble out of the gates only to catch fire in the second half of the season and take down the division crown. This year looks to be much of the same. However, what is somewhat surprising is how fast the Broncos have fallen back to earth after getting out to a strong 6-0 start. The defense that had been playing so well to begin the year is now giving up yards and points as teams continue to exploit the deficiencies in stopping the run. Broncos QB Kyle Orton will either be out, or will play on an ankle that has some torn tendon issues. Either way its not a good situation. I would like to think the Chargers will win this one in a route, but at home Denver is sure to make a game of it and possibly even pull out a win if their defense can rekindle some of its early season flair.
The Nostradamus Effect: Irrational and clearly irresponsible predictions
Bruce Gradkowski INT’s or syllables in his last name: Push
Beanie Wells carries: 22
Number of times you will hear a Black Eyed Peas song as stadium music while watching a game on TV: 9
Aaron Rodgers sacks taken or Cleveland Browns points scored: Rodgers sacks
Miles Austin touchdowns: 2
This weeks 300 yard passers: Kurt Warner, Tony Romo, Ben Roethlisberger, Drew Brees, Donovan McNabb. On a limb- Matthew Stafford
Rushing yards leader: Thomas Jones
Receiving yards leader: Desean Jackson
Breakout player of the week: Beanie Wells

Cowboys, Lions, Packers, Steelers, Vikings, Giants, Saints, Jaguars, Ravens, Cardinals, Chargers, Patriots, Bears, Bengals, Texans

Road Dogs Barking in NFL This Week

In terms of total plays, our numbers have steadily decreased throughout the season, especially considering we don't play all that many games to begin with. That trend continues this week with, so far, just two Free NFL Picks.

Titans +4 1/2 over Texans

Raiders +10 over Bengals

Let's make sure that it's quality over quantity with these road dogs!

Good luck!

Oh By The Way...

Here's our weekly Free NCAA Football Pick records update following another winning week:

Week 1: 2-1
Week 2: 1-2
Week 3: 3-1
Week 4: 3-1
Week 5: 3-4
Week 6: 3-0
Week 7: 1-3
Week 8: 3-2
Week 9: 2-1
Week 10: 1-1
Week 11: 2-1
Total: 24-17... 59%

Afternoon Free NCAA Football Picks

We apologize for getting these out so late, but here are our two afternoon plays that fit our system. It looks like more could be coming in the late games.

Ole Miss -4 1/2 over LSU

Baylor +6 over Texas A & M

Good luck!

Free NCAA Basketball Picks Hitting 100%

We usually post after our picks win, just to gloat, but we didn't get a chance to do so yet with our first Free NCAA Basketball Pick of the year.

Well, in case you missed it, our first Free NCAA Basketball Pick of the year was a winner. So now we're gloating.

Oregon took it to UC Davis, setting the tempo for what we expect to be a very profitable year in college basketball.

As we move forward, we are certainly looking for more plays, but also keep an eye out for additional content and analysis provided by Stock Lemon.

Cassiana Rossi, Homenagem ao marido, 175

"Adoro o site, por isso, vim aqui contar a minha história, que é um tanto louca!

Minha paixão por tattoos é antiga, mas somente ao 40 anos criei coragem e me dei de presente de aniversário a minha primeira tattoo. Quinze dias depois eu fiz outra. Um belo dia, surfando na net, conheci um tatuador no chat. Ficamos muito amigos e fizemos um pacto: se eu não conseguisse parar de me tatuar, a minha 5ª tatuagem (uma fada) seria dele. Detalhe, eu moro no Rio de Janeiro e ele morava em Minas Gerais (a 12h de distância).

A amizade cresceu tanto que nos apaixonamos. Moral da história: ele fez a 4ª, a 5ª, a 6ª... E hoje já tenho 09 tattoos! A tattoo que estou enviando foi a 4ª e é o símbolo do nosso amor. Ele tem uma semelhante bem no meio do peito.

A página dele na internet é


Cassiana Rossi

Aerografia para Casemonstro

Sou Alexandre, trabalho na área de TI e crio gabinetes de computadores personalizados. Terei dois gabinetes de computadores (temáticos) para serem pintados (antes do fim do ano) e como moro em Mogi das Cruzes estou procurando por aqui alguém para esse tipo de trabalho.

Os gabinetes de computadores que eu crio são com formatos diferenciados, abaixo um link de uma matéria que saiu no programa Urbano (multishow) que mostra meu trabalho (dois gabinetes monstros que criei). Meus trabalhos anteriores sairam em diversos portais e canais de TV.

Por favor se for do interesse esse tipo de trabalho ou mesmo uma parceria para divulgar seu trabalho, por favor me avise! Irei exibir esse novo gabiente na feira de tecnologia Campus Party Brasil em janeiro de 2010, com certeza meu gabinete aparecerá um muitas mídias.

Alexandre Ferreira (Sandman)
"Seu conceito de gabinetes nunca mais será o mesmo"

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Troca de Microdermal

Meu nome é Bianca e tenho 3 microdermais.
Ambos foram aplicados em Portugal há mais de 6 meses. Agora estou de volta ao Rio de Janeiro, e estou precisando urgente trocar um destes microdermais. Por favor, caso vcs saibam de algum studio ou pessoa que aplique / troque microdermal, peço que me indiquem. Estou precisando muito mesmo trocar um dos meus.

Agradeço desde já.


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A futura rosa de Karla

Meu nome é Karla Mello, sou de Recife, tenho 21 anos e possuo uma linda e grande tatuagem de rosas nas costas. Estou querendo fazer uma outra tatuagem, também de rosa (adoro rosas), por isso estava pesquisando na internet algumas idéias legais e acabei no site de vocês, que é repleto de boas sugestões, onde acabei encontrando a tatuagem ideal. Ela é simplesmente perfeita! Depois de tanta pesquisa, eu estou decidida, é a que eu quero fazer!

Estou super empolgada, porém essa tatuagem, pelo que podemos observar, é hiper delicada, extremamente fina, o que me causa preocupação quanto ao tatuador que irá fazê-la, porque eu gostaria que fosse idêntica a essa que esta na foto! Tão fina e delicada quanto ela! Por esse motivo, tenho duas perguntas a fazer pra vocês, espero que possam me ajudar:

1) Quem foi o gênio que tatuou essa obra prima?!
2) Vocês indicam algum tatuador de Recife, capaz de fazer essa rosa tão perfeitamente quanto está nesta foto?

Por favor, me ajudem. Eu estou completamente encantada por essa tatuagem de rosa e gostaria muito de fazê-la em mim!

Karla Mello

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Verônica Dias, Borboletas e Flores, 174

Essa é a minha história.

Eu queria fazer uma tattoo de borboleta mas que fosse algo bem diferente! Passei cerca de um ano e meio procurando na Internet, em estúdios de tatuagens, etc...

Um dia olhando o Google a achei e na mesma hora tive certeza de que seria ela a minha primeira tatuagem, então imprimi e pintei. Depois escolhi o tatuador, levei até ele e pedi para que ele fizesse exatamente o que estava no papel, e é claro ele fez! Fiquei muito feliz por ter a escolhido pois ela ficou exatamente como eu queria! Depois dela já fiz uma no pé e estou pretendendo fazer uma borboletinha no pulso em breve.

Ah, e depois que eu a fiz duas amigas resolveram fazer algo parecido para marcar a nossa amizade. Estou mandando fotos da borboleta, das minhas amigas e da tatoo do pé também só para vocês conhecê-las. Obrigada pela atenção e pelo carinho.¨

Verônica Dias.

Leo Tattoo, São Leopoldo

Meu nome é Leonardo, Léo Tattoo, meu Studio se chama Eterna Arte Tattoo Studio e fica na cidade de São Leopoldo, no Rio Grande do Sul. Os trabalhos que mais gosto de realizar são os coloridos.

Desenho "desde que me entendo por gente", e a tattoo foi um hobbie que acabou se tornando minha profissão. Fiz meus primeiros traços com uma máquina de tatuagem aos 16 anos, mas busquei uma profissão me formando em Enfermagem, e a exerci por 12 anos até que resolvi me entregar completamente a Tattoo, abandonei um emprego público e abri o meu estúdio próprio a 2 anos.

Eterna Arte Tattoo Studio - Léo Tattoo

Telefones: (51) 84193319/ 30373312
Endereço: Rua Presidente Roosevelt ,777 - sala 02 Galeria Camila Center - Centro, São Leopoldo- RS