Former Packer QB Makes Big Play to Lead NFC Team To Super Bowl

Just as everyone expected, a former Packer QB made a decisive play to lead his team to a Super Bowl. We're talking, of course, of Mark Brunell (pictured bottom left), whose snap on Garrett Hartley's game winning field goal helped the Saints to Super Bowl XLIV.

What? Were you expecting somebody else?

The Vikings, meanwhile, can now officially add a word into their dictionary that Packer fans have know for years.

1. To have one's hopes raised to ridiculously joyous levels so as to put a person in a state of vulnerability, causing blindness to the inevitability of complete and utter failure.

And with that final Brett Favre choke, the Super Bowl -- and thus, the Super Bowl 44 coverage here at Stock Lemon -- is set. The Indianapolis Colts and the New Orleans saints will go head-to-head in Miami.

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