We've Landed in Miami!

Stock Lemon, welcome to Miami. As we mentioned earlier, Super Bowl XLIV (44) will mark our first with an actual credential to media day, and we're not letting it go to waste. In fact, we'll spend the entire week down here to get a better feel and a bettor's feel on this year's Big Game in the NFL.

Our Super Bowl coverage has already begun with our in-depth breakdown of this year's National Anthem, as sung by Carrie Underwood, and there is plenty more to come. In the next few days we'll give you updates from media day and breakdown proposition bets such as The Coin Toss and The Gatorade Shower.

And we're not the only ones having fun with Super Bowl XLIV, as the folks at Doc's Sports have Super Bowl Predictions (as we will also get to) and much more, including the return of Super Bowl Squares!

Keep checking back with us here at Stock Lemon for more Super Bowl coverage, as well as some fun Pro Bowl picks tomorrow.