With the First Pick in the 2010 NFL Draft...

We will get to our complete mock draft on Monday, but we won't leave you in suspense all weekend. The first pick in the 2010 NFL Draft will be...

Sam Bradford! Quarterback, Oklahoma.

Now the only problem is figuring out who will draft him.

Although the Rams currently hold that pick, there is a good chance that another team, namely Mike Holmgren and the quarterback collecting Browns, jumps at the opportunity to trade for the No. 1 overall pick and select Bradford.

Coming off of major shoulder surgery and given the success rate (or sometimes lack thereof) of quarterbacks selected in Round 1, Bradford isn't exactly a safe pick this year. Still, quarterbacks are hard to come by, and recent first rounders like Mark Sanchez, Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco leading their teams to playoff berths as rookies has to be in the back of everyone's mind. Especially bottom feeders like the Rams and Browns have been.

Like we said, the rest of our 2010 NFL Mock Draft is soon to follow. Stay tuned!