Triumph Car History (Triumph 13/35 Cars Models)

The History Of The Triumph Classic Cars with Triumph 13/35 cars models (Triumph Cars Models)

Triumph 13/35 Classic CarsPicture Of Triumph 13/35 Classic Cars

The Triumph 13/35 or 12.8 was a car manufactured from 1924 to 1926 by the Triumph Motor Company in the UK.

It was powered by a four cylinder 1872 cc engine of 72 mm bore and 115 mm stroke with single Zenith carburettor which produced 36 bhp.

It was the first British production car to be fitted with hydraulic brakes on all wheels. These were made by Lockhead and were of the external contracting type.

Approximately 2500 of this model and the parallel 15/50 models were made. It was generally priced at about £375-495.

2010 World Cup: Group C Betting

Our 2010 World Cup group-by-group analysis continues with a little home flavor with the USA's bracket Group C. Before we get into it, let's take a look at the odds:

England... -275
USA... +400
Slovenia... +1000
Algeria... +2500

Clearly, England is the favorite in this group, as they should be. They have the superior team and America should be the biggest, and only, threat to the cross-pond rivals.

That said, the USA WILL be a threat. England has collapsed in the past dealing with high expectations, and the USA fits the underdog label perfectly this year. Expect an over-confident England squad to at least draw even with the Americans, if not lose outright. Both teams should clobber Slovenia and Algeria, which we think will lead to at worst a group win by tiebreaker for the USA.

Rest assured, Brits, we do think England will go on to advance farther than the Americans, but we like the USA, against all +400 odds, to shock the world and win Group C.

Our final Group C standings:

1. USA
2. England
3. Slovenia
4. Algeria

Although there is one thing that can get in the USA's way:

Stay tuned for more!

The Bucky Channel Joins Twitter!

It took over a year after our gentle call-to-arms, but we'll take credit for it anyway. That's right, our friends over at The Bucky Channel have finally joined twitter! Here's what we said on April 18, 2009:

Be sure to leave a comment urging The Bucky Channel to join twitter. Here's what they said last month about the social networking craze:

Twitter sucks so much, it's a stupid trend that is pointless and stupid and doesn't contribute anything beneficial to society and is a waste of time and will fade out within six months and is not worth the trouble to either update or check out people's Twitters. How people are making money off of something so stupid blows my brains and now I must move on before I quit doing The Bucky Channel right this very moment, that is how much I hate Twitter.
Yes, they have finally caved. And yes, we just quoted a quote. You can follow them @thebuckychannel. And of course, you can follow Stock Lemon @stocklemon.

Be sure to follow both sites for more analysis of the 2010 World Cup.

Alabama Auto Insurance - Accident Forgiveness, Safe Driving Bonus, Deductible Rewards & More!

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Triumph Car History (Triumph 10/20 cars models)

The History Of The Triumph Classic Cars with Triumph 10/20 cars models (Triumph Cars Models)

Triumph 10/20 Classic cars Picture Of Triumph 10/20 Classic cars

This was the first Triumph automobile and was named the 10/20 for the Royal Automobile Club's taxation class of 10 horsepower rating and its actual output of 20 brake horsepower. The design was principally by Arthur Alderson assisted by Alan Lea and Arthur Sykes who were employed by Lea-Francis and Triumph paid them a royalty on every car made.

Triumph-10/20 Classic carsPicture Of Triumph 10/20 Classic cars

It was powered by a 1,393 cc (1.4L) 4 cylinder side valve engine designed by Harry Ricardo and fitted with a single updraught Zenith carburettor. The engine produced 23.5 brake horsepower (17.5 kW) at 3000 rpm giving the car a top speed of 52 mph (84 km/h) and economy of 40 miles per imperial gallon (7.1 L/100 km; 33 mpg-US). The four speed gearbox was mounted centrally and coupled to the engine by a short drive shaft.

Triumph 10/20 Classic-carsPicture Of Triumph 10/20 Classic cars

This little two seater was the first Triumph production model and sold for £430. A rather high price which relied on their reputation for quality and workmanship. Lucas lighting was fitted, but it still had to acquire front brakes. This is the oldest surviving Triumph car being representative of the first year of car production. Owner Jim Kinghan.

I don't want you to have to work with a telemarketer to protect what's most important.

Yesterday, a telemarketer called our insurance agency to ask if we had our air conditioning system tuned up for the hot summer months ahead. I am always very nice to telemarketers because I make a few outbound calls every now and then... So be nice! I explained to the nice representative that we have an 8 month old system and are fine.
Boy were they lucky!
I happened to meet one of the sales managers for this company at a networking event so it wasn't truly a cold call (even though the person calling didn't know this). Our air conditioning system died yesterday! Perfect timing! Because I didn't have another HVAC company in mind and I had a so-so personal relationship with the company, I called them back and they should have us all fixed up today.
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Protect your family and work with a local insurance agent that truly cares for your family. If you have an accident and are stranded on the side of the highway, do you want to call an "800" number to speak with a random call center representative? Or, would you like to call your insurance agent on his or her cell phone so they can get you the help you need. By the way, you can always reach me directly by calling 888-994-2786 (my cell phone). 

p.s. I hope my air gets fixed today. It was 95 in Alabama yesterday and 85 in my office! I don't do "hot" well...  ;0) 

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Alabama Auto Insurance - TWO HUGE DISCOUNTS Just Announced!

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I digress... back to the HUGE DISCOUNTS!
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Watch the video below to hear me explain these two new discounts.

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2010 World Cup: Group B Betting

As we began yesterday, we continue our group-by-group 2010 World Cup betting analysis. Applying our knowledge of the alphabet, we now move to Group B. Let's take a look at the odds to win the group:

Argentina... -200
Nigeria... +450
Greece... +600
South Korea... +1000

Once again, we have to go with the favorite to win this group. Argentina has been a popular favorite pick for years, but they haven't come through since the 80's. We think things will be different for the Argentines this year, and it starts with a complete domination of an inferior Group B. Might as well just HAND it to the Argentines.

As for the runner-up, it's a toss-up. We're going to side with Nigeria, but won't be totally shocked to see Greece or even South Korea pull through to soccer's Sweet 16. So, in order, our Group B Standings look just like the odds:

1. Argentina
2. Nigeria
3. Greece
4. South Korea.

Good news for you alphabet fans out there, we will continue right on down to Group C in our next installment of 2010 World Cup betting analysis.

Stay tuned!

2010 World Cup: Group A Betting

The World Cup is right around the corner, and you'd be wise to fill your cup of soccer knowledge right here at Stock Lemon. Leading up to arguably the biggest single sport event in the world, we will deliver a group-by-group betting breakdown for 2010 World Cup Soccer Betting in South Africa. And we begin, naturally, with Group A.

Here are the odds:

France... EVEN
Uruguay... +400
Mexico... +350
South Africa... +600

Now, it's tempting to take South Africa with the home field advantage. We get that. Those 6/1 odds like mighty good if you think the African applause will be that overpowering, but let's use our heads here. Tempting as the home country might be, the smart money to win this group is on the 2006 runner-up, France. Though the odds are for even money, much less enticing than the others, it's actually a fairly decent bet for a perennial powerhouse such as France to headbutt their way through the group.

If you're in a situation where you can bet for the second place finisher, go with Mexico. They aren't what they used to be, sure, but the 2010 World Cup will feature the future of Mexican soccer. The performance of the young squad will serve as a building block for years to come in Mexican soccer.

For the record, we do predict that the home field advantage will be enough for South Africa to finish third, with a disappointing last place for the Uruguay squad. Our main reason for Uruguay's struggles? Consider the following evidence, in whichever language you speak.

This puts our final Group A standings at:

1. France
2. Mexico
3. South Africa
4. Uruguay

So, there you have it. We like the favorite France, at even money, to come out on top of Group A. Not big on the French? Fear not, there are seven more groups for as to cover, as well as the overall World Cup winner. Stay tuned and remember to get your kicks at Stock Lemon all summer long.

Alabama Severe Weather Update

Heavy rain and strong winds can cause many problems for your property (home, business, car, etc) and while driving. Be sure to leave at least 4 car lengths between you and the drivers in front of you. If there is a major water buildup or an accident on the road, you need to be prepared to stop suddenly. Heavy rain for several hours can also cause flooding. 

If you see standing water TURN AROUND. It is better to be safe in a dry car, than floating in a wet car down the road. If you are insured with The Puckett Agency in Alabama and experience complications from inclement weather and need help, contact Joseph Puckett directly at 888-99-4AQuote.

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It's Another Free MLB Pick Friday!

The best way to kick start your weekend? How about a Free MLB Pick from us here at Stock Lemon, which are hitting 67% on the young season?

With Interleague play underway, we plan on taking advantage of these matchups we rarely get to see. Our first Interleague Investment is on Colorado.

Rockies -108 over the Royals

Good luck and stay tuned for more!

Triumph Car History (Triumph models, Triumph Model)

The History Of The Triumph Classic Cars with Triumph cars models (Triumph models, Triumph Model)

Pre War

Triumph Classic Carspicture Of Triumph Classic Cars

Model NameEngineYear
Triumph 10/201393 cc inline 4(1923–1925)
Triumph 13/35 or 12.81872 cc inline 4(1927–1927)
Triumph 15/50 or Fifteen2169 cc inline 4(1926–1930)
Triumph Super 7832 cc inline 4(1927-1932)
Triumph Super 8832 cc inline 4(1930)
Triumph 12-6 Scorpion1203 cc inline 6(1931-1933)
Triumph Super 91018 cc inline 4(1932)
Triumph Ten1122 cc inline 4(1933-1934)
Triumph Southern Cross
1018/1122 cc inline 4
Triumph Gloria Four1087/1232 cc inline 4(1934-1937)
Triumph Gloria Six1476/1991 cc inline 6(1934–1937)
Triumph Gloria Southern Cross1232/1991 cc inline 4/6(1934-1937)
Triumph Gloria 141496/1767 cc inline 4(1937-1938)
Triumph Dolomite 81990 cc inline 8(1934-1935)
Triumph Dolomite Vitesse 141767/1991 cc inline 4/6(1937-1938)
Triumph Dolomite 14/601767/1991 cc inline 4/6(1937-1939)
Triumph Dolomite Roadster1767/1991 cc inline 4/6(1937-1939)
Triumph 121496 cc inline 4(1939–1940)

Post War

Triumph-Classic Carspicture Of Triumph Classic Cars

Model NameEngineYear
Triumph 1800 Saloon1776 cc inline 4(1946–1949)
Triumph 1800 Tourer1776 cc inline 4(1946–1948)
Triumph 2000 Saloon2088 cc inline 4(1949–1951)
Triumph 2000 Tourer2088 cc inline 4(1948–1949)
Triumph Renown208 cc inline 4(1949–1952)
Triumph Mayflower1247 cc inline 4(1949–1953)
Triumph TR1 / 20TS208 cc inline 4(1950)
Triumph TR21991 cc inline 4(1953–1955)
Triumph TR31991 cc inline 4(1956–1958)
Triumph TR3A1991 cc inline 4(1958–1962)
Triumph TR3B2138 cc inline 4(1962)
Triumph Italia1991 cc inline 4(1959–1963)
Triumph TR42138 cc inline 4(1961–1965)
Triumph TR4A2138 cc inline 4(1965–1967)
Triumph TR52498 cc inline 6(1967–1969)
Triumph TR2502498 cc inline 6(1967–1969)
Triumph GT61998 cc inline 6(1967–1971)
Triumph Dove GTR42138 cc inline 41961-1964
Triumph TR62498 cc inline 6(1969–1976)
Triumph TR71998 cc inline 4(1974-1981)
Triumph TR83528 cc V8(1979-1981)
Triumph Spitfire 41147 cc inline 4(1962–1965)
Triumph Spitfire Mk.II1147 cc inline 4(1965–1967)
Triumph Spitfire Mk.III1296 cc inline 4(1967–1970)
Triumph Spitfire Mk.IV1296 cc inline 4(1970–1974)
Triumph Spitfire 15001493 cc inline 4(1974–1980)
Triumph GT61998 cc inline 6(1966–1973)
Triumph Herald 948948 cc inline 4(1959–1964)
Triumph Herald 12001147 cc inline 4(1961–1970)
Triumph Herald 12/501147 cc inline 41963-1967
Triumph Herald 13/601296 cc inline 4(1967–1971)
Triumph Vitesse 61596 cc inline 6(1962–1966)
Triumph Sports 6 (US version of Vitesse 6)1596 cc inline 6(1962–1964)
Triumph Vitesse 2-litre, and Mk.21998 cc inline 6(1966–1971)
Triumph 13001296 cc inline 4(1965–1970)
Triumph 15001493 cc inline 4(1970–1973)
Triumph Stag2997 cc V8(1971–1977)
Triumph Toledo1296 cc inline 4(1970–1978)
Triumph Dolomite 1850/HL1850 cc inline 4(1972–1981)
Triumph Dolomite Sprint1998 cc inline 4(1973–1981)
Triumph 20001998 cc inline 6(1963–1975)
Triumph 2.5 PI2498 cc inline 6(1968–1977)
Triumph 2500TC/S2498 cc inline 6(1974–1977)
Triumph Acclaim1335 cc inline 4(1981–1984)

Triumph-based models

Triumph Classic-Carspicture Of Triumph Classic Cars

Vale Special(1932–1936) very low built two-seater based on Super 8 and Gloria
Swallow Doretti(1954–1955)
Bond Equipe GT(1964–1967)
Fairthorpe Cars

Fun Summer at Stock Lemon? Bet on it.

We're approaching the dog days of summer, but around here there will be no such thing. The summer of 2010 will be packed with MLB and World Cup betting action, along with plenty more.

We were hoping to have another Free MLB Pick for you over the weekend, but it didn't materialize. Expect one before the end of this week, however.

In the meantime, if you're feeling adventurous enough to make your own picks, check out the baseball whip stats for pitchers before putting money on them.

Or, if you're a long term thinker, you can always check out the Odds to win the World Series over at Doc's Sports. Good info there.

If baseball isn't your thing, though, NFL Free agency continues to rage on. Now that the draft has concluded, you can see the full list of NFL undrafted free agents. Plenty of info to keep you busy for at least a part of the summer.

The rest of the summer? We'll take care of that.

Someone knocks on your door and tells you he wants to give you a new roof -- SLAM THE DOOR!

Roof Repair / Replace scams are running rampant in Alabama and other states.  

This is how it works: Someone knocks on your door and uses recent data (within the past few weeks/months/years) of hail storms or other bad weather events to explain that your insurance company will pay to repair or replace your roof. "Your other neighbors are getting new roofs. Please sign here." 


You may indeed have damage from a recent hail storm or other event. If so, contact your local insurance agent who can discuss the situation with you to decide if filing a claim is necessary. If there are damages that need to be repaired, then you can start the process. Some of these "contractors" and "roofing companies" try to get you to let them file a claim with your insurance company on your behalf to 'get started right away.' An insurance adjuster will still need to come out to review the potential damages to your property. This results in a "claim" on your homeowners policy --- even if $0 is paid out. You could also experience problems with the company, their workmanship, or having incomplete or incorrect work done.... Don't get caught up in this mess!

Protect your insurance policy like you protect your home and work with a local insurance agent who can make sure that your best interests are taken into consideration. 

This Tuscaloosa News article from March, 2010 warned of unlicensed con men going door to door using high-pressure sales and scare tactics, along with meaningless, technical-sounding jargon, to fool victims into hiring them for roof repair or replacement jobs. This article has some great tips and information and also reports that the National Insurance Crime Bureau has seen a 200%+ increase in fraudulent insurance claims...

Worried? DON'T BE! You now know to contact your local insurance agent who can walk you through the whole process if you are presented with this scenario. Do you have a local insurance agent that you can trust? If you are in Alabama, we would be honored to work with you and your family to help you protect what's most important.

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Make Us Your World Cup Betting Home!

We are fast approaching the 2010 World Cup, and we couldn't be more excited for the first FIFA World Cup since we started the site in December 2007. We missed out on the 2006 version, but fortunately for us they do come around every four years.

For the biggest sporting event in the world, we'll have the biggest coverage in the world and provide you with all your 2010 World Cup Soccer gambling and betting needs.

Check back early and often as we go soccer crazy all summer!

Angels Lift Free MLB Picks to 67%

Like we've been saying, quality over quantity. Though we've only had six Free MLB Picks to date, we've one four of them, giving us a nice 67% on the year. As we've also been saying, they will pick up as the season goes on, but are a little slow in the beginning of the year when the statistical data available isn't as reliable. Patience, lemon lovers.

The Angels blanked the A's 4-0 last night to give us the win and another Free MLB Pick is possible before the weekend... ends.

Stay tuned!

Triumph Car History (British Leyland Cars) Parts 2

The History Of The Triumph Classic Cars With Leyland and beyond

Triumph Classic CarsPicture Of Triumph Classic Cars

The only all-new Triumph model launched under Rover Triumph was the TR7, which had the misfortune to be in production successively at three factories that were closed - Speke, the Leyland-era Standard-Triumph works in Liverpool, the original Standard works at Canley, Coventry and finally the Rover works in Solihull. The four-cylinder TR7, its eight-cylindered derivative the TR8, and its still-born fastback variant the Lynx, were dropped when the Solihull plant ceased making road-going cars (the plant continues to build Land Rovers.)

Triumph-Classic CarsPicture Of Triumph Classic Cars

The last Triumph model was the Acclaim which was launched in 1981 and was essentially a rebadged Honda Ballade built under licence from Japanese company Honda at the former Morris works in Cowley, Oxford. The Triumph name disappeared in 1984, when the Acclaim was replaced by the Rover 200, which was a rebadged version of Honda's next generation Civic/Ballade model. The BL car division was by then called Austin Rover Group which also sounded the death knell for the Morris marque as well as Triumph.

Triumph Classic-CarsPicture Of Triumph Classic Cars

The trademark is currently owned by BMW, acquired when it bought the Rover Group in 1994. When it sold Rover, it kept the Triumph marque. The Phoenix Consortium, which bought Rover, tried to buy the Triumph brand, but BMW refused, saying that if Phoenix insisted, it would break the deal. The Standard marque was transferred to British Motor Heritage Limited, along with Austin, Morris, and Wolseley marques. The Austin, Morris and Wolseley marques were later sold to MG Rover Group Ltd, on the 10th December 2003. The Standard marque is still retained by British Motor Heritage who also have the licence to use the Triumph marque in relation to the sale of spares and support of the existing 'park' of Triumph cars.

If only money grew on trees...

Have you ever wondered that?   

(... it doesn't ... but it's nice to dream!)

You work hard for the money that you earn every day. It is important to me that you get the most 'bang for your buck' when it comes to making smart insurance decisions to help your family protect what's most important. 

If you want the cheapest insurance policy, I may not have it. I can say that we will be competitively priced and that you will receive the proper coverages to help you protect your family and your hard earned assets

Think of it this way: if you go with a "cheap" policy and get lower coverages, you may be risking the equity in your home, retirement accounts, current wages, future wages, and other assets...That "cheap" policy may end up costing you thousands (or tens of thousands -- or more) if you are held liable in an auto, home, or other personal liability incident. 

Don't risk the BIG $,$$$'s by only focusing on saving small dollars on an inferior insurance policy today. Joseph Puckett of The Puckett Agency can design the right insurance protection plan for your family and help you protect what's most important (at the right price, too). 

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Stop the Presses! A Free MLB Pick Tonight

It's been a slow week here at Stock Lemon, but we finally have another Free MLB Pick for you.

Tonight, our system is banking on a post-perfect letdown from Dallas Braden.

Angels -118 over the A's

Good luck!

Teens Talking Insurance - Financial Fitness Fair

Alabama Insurance Professional Joseph Puckett worked as the "Insurance Vendor" for the Children's Policy Council Financial Fitness Fair 5/1/2010. Teens and their parents were tasked with creating a 'real life' budget to include home payment, car expenses, groceries, insurance, and more. We had a great time! 

Here is a "best of" video showing some of the young people that Joseph worked with.

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Alabama Tornado Season is Here - Are you prepared for the storm?

Tornado Season is generally from March through August of each year. Recently, devastating tornadoes have impacted local communities and families in the South. The video below from National Geographic shows just how terrible these storms can be. Allstate Insurance Co. has a website with disaster preparation tips, what to do during the storm, and how to recover after it's gone. 

Protect what's most important and be prepared. If you would like to work with a local Alabama Insurance Agency, visit our website and complete an insurance quote request or call us directly at 888-99-4AQuote. We would be honored to review your current insurance policies to ensure your family is properly protected.


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Alabama Auto Insurance - Rental Reimbursement, Towing & Labor, and Sounds System Coverages

Alabama Auto Insurance - Rental Reimbursement, Towing & Labor, and other coverages explained in this video.

Watch other Auto Insurance coverage educational videos on YouTube

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