Alabama Auto Insurance - TWO HUGE DISCOUNTS Just Announced!

We just received two brand new discounts to offer Alabama families who move their car insurance to our agency. My primary concern is to ensure that your family is properly protected in the event that you actually need your insurance. I will rarely discuss price because coverage is most important. Ask someone who bought a "cheap" policy how they felt paying the difference when their low coverage policy didn't cover their total losses...

I digress... back to the HUGE DISCOUNTS!
NEW! Premier Package Discount:
2 (or more) Cars + Own Your Home + E-Bill = 10% SAVINGS
NEW! Full Pay Discount:
Pay your 6 month auto policy in full and SAVE 10% 
These two new discounts are added on top of all of the other discounts that are already available such as Multiple Car, Multiple Policy, Safe Driver, Good Payer, Occupational Discounts, and more!
This is huge! Does your auto insurance company reward you for paying in full and for being a homeowner? If not, give us a shot to compete for your insurance business. A free review of your current policies may reveal "gaps" in coverage that you can fill even if you don't move your insurance to us. We are honored to serve as a resource for your family (and REALLY like saving you money too!). 
Watch the video below to hear me explain these two new discounts.

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