I don't want you to have to work with a telemarketer to protect what's most important.

Yesterday, a telemarketer called our insurance agency to ask if we had our air conditioning system tuned up for the hot summer months ahead. I am always very nice to telemarketers because I make a few outbound calls every now and then... So be nice! I explained to the nice representative that we have an 8 month old system and are fine.
Boy were they lucky!
I happened to meet one of the sales managers for this company at a networking event so it wasn't truly a cold call (even though the person calling didn't know this). Our air conditioning system died yesterday! Perfect timing! Because I didn't have another HVAC company in mind and I had a so-so personal relationship with the company, I called them back and they should have us all fixed up today.
I don't want you to have to work with a telemarketer for your insurance needs (unless it's me on the other end of the line....). When it comes to protecting what's most important for your family: your home, cars, life, business, and more - you really need to work with a local insurance agent that you can trust and count on to be there when needed most. 
Designing the proper insurance plan for your family is my goal. Ensuring you have the right limits and deductibles so you are prepared when disaster strikes is a two way street. You may not know that having higher liability limits on your auto and home policies can save you from financial ruin if something were to happen (and that it doesn't cost much more to double or triple those limits). You may not know that having Uninsured Motorist coverage pays for YOUR bodily injury and that you need to have the same limit that you are paying for "Other Person's" bodily injury liability. And so on... I can help design the right plan for you to meet your needs.
Protect your family and work with a local insurance agent that truly cares for your family. If you have an accident and are stranded on the side of the highway, do you want to call an "800" number to speak with a random call center representative? Or, would you like to call your insurance agent on his or her cell phone so they can get you the help you need. By the way, you can always reach me directly by calling 888-994-2786 (my cell phone). 

p.s. I hope my air gets fixed today. It was 95 in Alabama yesterday and 85 in my office! I don't do "hot" well...  ;0) 

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