Today, the "insurance man" needed insurance! Yes, I locked the keys in my car...

Today was a beautiful Mother's Day. My wife and I traveled to Gadsden, Alabama for the second day in a row to spend time with family. We are truly blessed! As we made our last stop of the weekend, I locked the keys in my wife's car! In my defense, my Ford truck has key-less entry so sometimes I leave the keys in a hidden spot (please don't steal my truck). Well, thankfully, the "insurance man" had the proper insurance! I was able to call my insurance company and utilize the "Towing & Labor" coverage on my auto policy. We offer the clients of The Puckett Agency of Alabama Insurance the Allstate Motor Club membership. It's a GREAT deal and can be there when you need it. My wife and I were covered today! (and I'm only slightly embarrassed that all of this happened). 
Here is the video I made a few weeks ago about this very same Alabama Auto Insurance coverage option!

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