2010 World Cup: Group D Betting

The World Cup is coming up, which means we're going to continue to bang out our group predictions (as well as much more). Today is D-day for the Cup, as we give our betting advice on, you guessed it, Group D.

Here are the odds:

Germany... -125
Serbia... +275
Ghana... +500
Australia... +900

We wanted to do it, Serbia, but we just can't. The Germans are not the powerhouse they once were, but this group won't challenge them much. Serbia is playing well and is the only real threat. They should advance easily, but Germany should be able to lock up Group D, so long as the aren't playing at Normandy. Unless, of course, the Serbian's are able to secure this guy:

Speaking of game locations, Ghana does have a home field advantage but they just aren't quite at the point yet where they could take down the Serbians, and they certainly won't be taking the Germans to task either. Australia figures to struggle mightily in this group, but there are worse things you can do with your money than bet on the Aussies to win Group D.... like burn it.

Our final standings reflect the odds:

1. Germany
2. Serbia
3. Ghana
4. Australia

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Stay tuned for more 2010 World Cup Betting analysis here at Stock Lemon as the opening kick nears!