2010 World Cup: Group G Betting

Our 2010 World Cup analysis by group rolls on, with just two more groups to g0. So let's take care of one of those remaining groups, G. Your odds to win the group are as follows:

Brazil... -175
Portugal... +275
Ivory Coast... +450
North Korea... +10000

We want so badly to pick upsets just for the sake of picking upsets, but as you can see from the odds above, they are pretty appropriately assigned. We simply cannot bet against Brazil to take Group G, even if they don't play with their usual flashy style. This year, we will probably see the most complete team effort by the Brazilians, and while it might not be their most exciting squad, it will certainly be one of their best in terms of playing team soccer.

Good as Brazil is, Portugal is not far behind. They wouldn't be a horrible gamble at +275 to win the group, but they would have to play perfect soccer against Brazil for you to see a payday. Then again, we are not sure if they won the battle below to determine whether they are the greatest nation on Earth:

Ivory Coast will muster up a win against the hopeless North Koreans, but can only pray for a tie against one of the stronger two in the group. Once again there is a pretty clear cut 1-2 punch that will likely advance to the round of 16. Our final standings are:

1. Brazil
2. Portugal
3. Ivory Coast
4. North Korea

So, yes, no upsets again. Our standings reflect the odds, but with good reason. And so, we are down to one group left before we throw some 2010 World Cup prop bets your way.

As always, stay tuned!