2010 World Cup: Picture Contest

In case you haven't noticed, we are currently in the process of providing picks and analysis on the 2010 World Cup. With each group prediction, we have included a picture relevant to the team we pick to win each respective group and we will continue to do so.

With only a few groups remaining, we think we've given you enough time to look over some of the first photos and alert you to the fact that this is all part of our first ever Stock Lemon contest! The first person to correctly identify all of the group prediction photos will receive an authentic Stock Lemon prize!

We're looking for either the name of the player(s) in the photo or the game or at the very least year that the photo was taken from (mostly, this applies to the picture for Group D).

Once we have completed our group predictions, e-mail us your answers for the picture contest at stocklemonblog@gmail.com. If you're answers are correct and you are the first to submit them, you will receive a prize courtesy of Lemmy (possibly similar to the picture posted above)!