2010 World Cup: South Africa vs. Uruguay

So far, we've correctly predicted the outcome to the biggest game in the 2010 World Cup when the United States and England played to a draw. Not a bad start to betting the Cup. And yes, we are tooting our own vuvuzela horn.

Our next task? Ride the home country. We still don't think South Africa gets out of the group, but we'll hedge our bet against the home nation (who, by the way, has always advanced to the round of 16 in the history of the World Cup) by picking them to beat Uruguay tomorrow.

Uruguay is already predicting a victory for, well, themselves. But no so fast. By the power vested in the vuvuzela, we declare the South Africans winners of tomorrow's showdown. And once again, our win will net us more than we lay.

South Africa PICK (+125) over Uruguay

We could take the moneyline for +200, but the extra +75 is worth sacrificing to save ourselves from the ties that have so far plagued the cup. We like South Africa in this spot for a variety of reasons, not the least of which are home field advantage and Uruguay's incompetence since 1990 (last time they've won a game in the Cup). This is the host nation's best chance to get a win, and we just have a hard time seeing them winless in their group.

Good luck and stay tuned for more betting analysis and picks on the 2010 World Cup!