2010 World Cup: USA vs. Ghana

Big Game today in the round of 16 in the 2010 World Cup... and who do we, as Americans, like to win this game? America, of course!

We know that this is a Ghana squad that essentially knocked the United States out of the tourney four years ago, but this is not the same United States. The momentum behind this club has that special destiny feel about it that you only find once every, well in the case of the USA soccer team, 80 years (their only place in the World Cup was in 1930, finishing third in the first Cup ever held).

And so, the pick is in:

United States +130 over Ghana

We like the moneyline in this case for a straight up USA win.

Fellow Americans, enjoy the clip above and hope for more of the same heroics from the Algeria game. We try not to be partial to any teams (never a good betting strategy), but go USA!