Welcome to the New and Improved Stock Lemon!

If you've been hitting F5 all night waiting for us to pump out some more 2010 World Cup coverage (coming later tonight, for you nighthawks), you've probably noticed some changes throughout the night. As you can see, we have implemented a new template here at Stock Lemon for the first time since our inception in December of 2007.

We feel like the layout, while not drastically different, gives us a cleaner overall look. The use of charcoal as a background color for the text makes the site more readable, while the addition of a left sidebar gives us the potential for more content in the future, including polls and other links.

But enough about how we feel about it, how do you feel about the changes around here. Shoot us an e-mail at stocklemonblog@gmail.com.

Keep in mind that we will continue to provide betting analysis on all major sports and sporting events, and will remain your main squeeze on stocks and sports wagers, even if we pretty much never talk about stocks.

Ad for those of you sick of the ads on the page, or those who don't like that they get top billing above our posts--you can do something about it! Just send us a donation using the paypal icon on the left and we will be one step closer to not having to put our Adsense in such prime location. Hey, we gotta eat!

So let us know, and in the meantime, check out our 2010 World Cup coverage, with much more to come as the first kick is now hours away!