Let's Begin Our Fantasy...

We promise our Fantasy Football predictions are on the way, but allow us to buy some more time by posting a picture of a different football fantasy.

Today, we are all Cowboys fans.

Jessica Gomes Sports Illustrated Body Painting

Jessica Gomes Sports Illustrated Body Painting4

Jessica Gomes Sports Illustrated Body Painting3
Jessica Gomes Sports Illustrated Body Painting2
Jessica Gomes is an Australian model of Singaporean and Portuguese heritage who appeared in the 2008 & 2009 Swimsuit Issue of the United States–published magazine Sports Illustrated. She was featured in a bodypainting layout as a canvas for body paint artist Joanne Gair, who is in her tenth year of producing bodypaint art for the Swimsuit Issue. She was part of a record group of seven "rookie"

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Specifically A Japanese Body Painting Artist

Specifically A Japanese Body Painting Artist2

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Girls Horror Monster Body Art Painting Painted Body Canvas | JAPANESE BODY PAINTING

Reality Tattoo

O programa de Reality Show “Reality Tattoo” acompanha três tatuadores e seus trabalhos (tatuagens e piercings) realizados em um Studio de tatuagem em São Paulo. Além dos trabalhos, também apresenta um pouco da vida pessoal dos personagens, intrigas diárias e dia-a-dia dentro de um Studio de tatuagem.

Episódio 1 - Parte 1

Episódio 1 - Parte 2

A Sexy Model With Art Body Painting For Argentina National Team | Body Painting

A sexy model, Pamela David Grande supporters from Argentina were keen to continue to give encouragement to the national team of Argentina. With the art of painting the body, she looks very hot and sexy.

A Sexy Model With Art Body Painting For Argentina National Team | Body Painting

Body Painting Water Vase Form

Australian Supporters Show Her Body Painting In World Cup 2010 | Body Painting

Although in the first game in World Cup 2010 South Africa, Australia destroyed Germany with the score 4-1. Did not discourage his supporters to continue to give encouragement to his team. Especially beautiful women who come all the way from Australia, she not only gives encouragement to the Australian team but also the supporters who came, because it uses the art of body painting to come support.

Art of Makeup and Body Painting

Fantasy Football Fever is Here!

Finally, fantasy football is coming to Stock Lemon. And no, not the kind of football fantasies depicted above.

With the usual downtime for our picks in July and August, fantasy football will provide a perfect source of entertainment and content for you to enjoy.

We will have rankings for every position (QB, RB, WR, TE, K, D) and give our sleepers and our busts (or lemons).

Make Stock Lemon your home for 2010 Fantasy Football Rankings and Analysis as we begin our extensive NFL coverage a little early this year.

Stay tuned, this is all coming soon!

Novas tatuagens de Cidrac Tattoo

Confira as novas tatuagens enviadas por Cidrac Tattoo

Did Nostradamus Predict the Winner of the 2010 World Cup?

We've been getting quite a few inquiries about whether Nostradamus predicted the outcome of tomorrow's 2010 World Cup soccer finale between Spain and Netherlands, so let's put those to rest right now.

In 2006, there were reports that Nostradamus predicted Spain to win the World Cup, based on this vague passage:

"At the end of the sixth month of 2006, the King of Spain will cross the Pyrenees with his army. The legions of Beelzebub await the battle on the central European plains. Destruction and defeat will fall on the evil-doers. The Holy Grail will be returned to Spain by the triumphant King."

Clearly, Nostradamus was throwing crap against the wall and hoping it would stick, referencing a future war he foresaw. Obviously, there was no war, and the idea that the World Cup trophy is the holy grail is a little far-fetched. Of course, there is some accuracy with the month of June as well as the "battles" in central Europe, with Germany being the host country.

Regardless, this was in 2006, remember. So it's all null and void. There's been some confusion now that Spain is in the World Cup finals that they have been predicted to win it. That is simply not the case.

So what did Nostradamus predict? Well, if his proclamations carry any weight in your collective minds, you really ought to enjoy this World Cup final tomorrow. Nostradamus has been famous for predicting the end of the world, again in vague terms, making the 2010 World Cup the last such contest in human history.

On that note, enjoy the game!

Graffiti Design in Body Painting Art

Different Expressions From Germany Fans With Face Painting Art

German fans who yesterday played in the World Cup against England team. In early before the game may better reflect the panic like the one in the picture on the left. But after the match, the excitement that includes the fans of Germany for having defeated England by a score of 4-1 to Germany, As in the picture right.

Sexy Purple Colour In Body Painting Art

Original Body Painting

Best Of Images Sponge and Brush World Body Painting Festival 2010

Each year I wait to look through the "Best Of" images from the World Body Painting Festival. I love to to see all the artists with there models. The beautiful and wonderfully painted models posing with the paint stained and tired artists. Especially wonderful are the images by Ulf Sherling. Here are pictures taken by Ulf. Please go see more at http://www.bodypainting-festival.com.