Did Nostradamus Predict the Winner of the 2010 World Cup?

We've been getting quite a few inquiries about whether Nostradamus predicted the outcome of tomorrow's 2010 World Cup soccer finale between Spain and Netherlands, so let's put those to rest right now.

In 2006, there were reports that Nostradamus predicted Spain to win the World Cup, based on this vague passage:

"At the end of the sixth month of 2006, the King of Spain will cross the Pyrenees with his army. The legions of Beelzebub await the battle on the central European plains. Destruction and defeat will fall on the evil-doers. The Holy Grail will be returned to Spain by the triumphant King."

Clearly, Nostradamus was throwing crap against the wall and hoping it would stick, referencing a future war he foresaw. Obviously, there was no war, and the idea that the World Cup trophy is the holy grail is a little far-fetched. Of course, there is some accuracy with the month of June as well as the "battles" in central Europe, with Germany being the host country.

Regardless, this was in 2006, remember. So it's all null and void. There's been some confusion now that Spain is in the World Cup finals that they have been predicted to win it. That is simply not the case.

So what did Nostradamus predict? Well, if his proclamations carry any weight in your collective minds, you really ought to enjoy this World Cup final tomorrow. Nostradamus has been famous for predicting the end of the world, again in vague terms, making the 2010 World Cup the last such contest in human history.

On that note, enjoy the game!