Will the Heat Win the 2011 NBA Finals?

Alright, Alright. So LeBron James didn't sign with the Knicks, instead opting to join forces with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. But the question now is, will the Heat win it all in 2010-11, even with, basically, three players?

Well, if the odds tell us anything, they have a chance. More like, the best chance. Check out the top four teams according to their odds to take home the NBA crown next year:

Miami Heat... 7/4

LA Lakers... 11/4

Orlando Magic... 10/1

Boston Celtics... 12/1

Of these, the Heat just don't quite belong yet. They will be able to build around the big three eventually, but the Lakers are the clear cut favorites in our minds, to win the NBA Finals by way of a three-peat. So take this opportunity, with the public pounding the Heat due to the recent buzz, to pound the Lakers for yourself.

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