A 6-1 Free NFL Picks Encore (85% YTD)

Now that's how things are supposed to go around here. Following an impressive 5-1 (83%) start to the NFL season, our Free NFL Picks had an even better encore in Week 2, going 6-1 (86%), bringing them to 11-2 and 85% in 2010.

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It was a winning day, so we don't mind going through a little recap. First, the lone loss. The Panthers failed to beat the lowly Buccaneers, meaning they didn't cover the -3 1/2 point spread and that they might even be more lowly than the Bucs. Our system still takes last year's numbers into account this early in the season, and we were confident that the Panthers defense could overcome the, well, lowly offense. Not the case. We wouldn't be surprised to see the Bucs finish 2-14 after a 2-0 start, and for that matter, an 0-16 Panthers squad is possible, too.

As for the winners, there was much to like today. After slow first halves, the Packers and Falcons did what good teams do to bad teams, kicking the crap out of their lesser opponents. The Packers took care of the college-like -14 spread against the Bills while the Falcons easily handled a -7 spread against the Cardinals.

The Bears and Dolphins, at +7 1/2 against Dallas and +6 against Minnesota, respectively, did much more than cover, both winning their games. Great value picks in both cases, as the much hyped Cowboys and Vikings were the sexier public plays.

We don't think the Broncos are a very good team, but better than the team that lost to the Jags last week. Likewise, we don't think the Seahawks are a very good team, period. A Week 1 win over the 49ers will prove to be a fluke, as it did today, with the Broncos flipping the tables on Seattle and easily covering a -7 spread.

And then there were the Chargers. Like the Packers and Falcons, this was just a good team easily covering a paltry spread (-7) against a not-so-good team. As Kendra Wilkinson, wife of NFLer Hank Baskett, demonstrates in our Lemmy-censored image above, the Chargers were a thing of beauty today.

And that's how we arrive at a 6-1 day and 11-2 start to the 2010 NFL season. Our accurate NFL picks have lived up to the hype so far, and we certainly hope that continues for 19 more weeks (counting playoffs, duh).

And the records update:

2010 Free NFL Picks
Week 1: 5-1
Week 2: 6-1
Overall: 11-2... 85%