67% Day For Free NCAA Football Picks (62% YTD)

Not a bad day at the office today. After a 56% performance in Week 1, our Free NCAA Football Picks stepped it up a notch with an 8-4 showing today (67%) bringing our grand total to 13-8-1 (62%).

As much as we'd like to dwell on our losing picks--and when we lost, we LOST--we're going to enjoy the eight winners. Hopefully you caught our morning additions, which proved to be worth the wait at 3-0. Otherwise, another so-so week for you 5-4 suckers! But really, if you did tail, hopefully you tailed the whole body of work (and if you left off four particular picks, you had a really good day).

One of our picks earns a spot as our pic, to remind us that even though we had a good week, we shouldn't get cocky (if you thought we were going to go all season without a horrible pun about the Game Cocks, you must be new... in which case, thanks for following and did we mention we have twitter!?).

Just a quick recap, here are the picks that hit:

Alabama -14 over Penn State
Eastern Michigan +14 over Miami (OH)
Nevada -23 1/2 over Colorado State
East Carolina -13 1/2 over Memphis
SMU -11 1/2 over UAB
Washington -13 over Syracuse
South Carolina -3 over Georgia
N.C. State +3 over Central Florida

And the losers:

Georiga Tech -14 over Kansas
Florida State +7 over Oklahoma
Tennesse +12 over Oregon
USC -20 over Virginia

Like we said, when we lost, we really lost. Of our losing picks, the closest we had to a cover was USC, a mere 17 points away from pushing. Fortunately, we won the other eight in pretty convincing fashion, so it was a pretty anticlimactic 67% in college Football.

Free NFL Picks are coming shortly. For now, we'll conclude this post with our weekly Free NCAA Football Pick YTD tally (BTW, that means Year To Date [and BTW, that means By The Way]):

Free NCAA Football Picks
Week 1: 5-4-1
Week 2: 8-4
Overall: 13-8-1... 67%