Adding to Our Week 4 Free NCAA Football Picks

As we look to get back on track this week, we have a few more picks to help us do that. They are as follows:

UTEP -12 over Memphis

Tennessee -14 over UAB

Oregon -12 1/2 over Arizona State

And to refresh your memory on our earlier plays:

Stanford -5 over Notre Dame

Oklahoma -14 over Cincinnati

West Virginia +10 over LSU

N.C. State +8 over Georgia Tech

Penn State -14 over Temple

Air Force -14 over Wyoming

Central Michigan +7 over Northwestern

That should do it for today's action. Stay tuned for those 11-2 Free NFL Picks later today and best of luck as we right the ship.

Free NCAA Football Picks
Week 1: 5-4-1
Week 2: 8-4
Week 3: 3-6
Week 4: 0-1
Overall: 17-15-1... 53%