Commence the Comments (Again)!

Hey there, internet! Stock Lemon is finally getting (back) with the times! We are proud to announce that you can once again, for the first time in months, post comments on this here site.

Hate that our college football picks have sucked the last two weeks? Leave a comment! Want to encourage others to donate to us using the paypal button on the left? Leave a comment! Need to complain about how often we ask for donations even though we have yet to receive any? Leave a comment!

The reason we took the things off was quite simple. We were getting a TON of spammy comments, be they written in Mandarin or directing our readers to some sketchy porn site (because there are non-sketchy porn sites?). We left these posted because 1) These small blogs and crazy websites have to get traffic somehow, though we would never resort to such tactics... 2) We were generally too lazy to remove them all and 3) We kind of liked having an article that six people would comment on, even if two of them were trying to sell you something, three of them were trying to steal your identity and one of them was installing malware onto your computer.

The downside to this, aside from the three we just mentioned, as that our Google pagerank (something important to blogging nerds), plummeting from a not-great-but-ok-rank of 4 to, well, a 0. After turning the comments off completely, the loss of all the spammy outbound links gave us 2 points back, but we have our eyes on that PR4, baby! Hopefully, deleting all the previous posts will help us with that.

We can delete all these comments because, finally, blogger has come up with a tool that allows us to delete comments 25 at a time rather than one at a time, so it was not as tedius to delete 742 comments from our database (maybe half of these are legitimate, but we aren't interested in picking through old posts one by one for some witty comment you made a year ago on a shitty pick we posted). So now, with a clean slate, the comment section is open for business again--so long as you type in one of those annoying anti-spam word verification things.

The embarrassing thing about this particular blog entry is that we look like fools when we dedicate an entire post to our comments section and nobody comments, but we don't care. As long as you don't post spam. If you do, we WILL hunt you down and slaughter you. Okay, maybe not. But we will be really, really upset.

So, let us end the longest post ever about something nobody cares about by waving the checkered flag on this sucker. Commence the comments!