Open Plan House Design : Bowen Residence by CplusC Architecture

This time, we are pleased to presents a beautiful house design named Bowen Residence to show and inspire you how to create open house design as weekend home in mountain like this. This fascinating residence was designed by CplusC Architecture and is nestled in New South Wales, Australia.

Bowen residence 1

Bowen residence 2

Bowen residence 3

Bowen residence 4

The house features beautiful scenery while being well integrated within its surrounding landscape. The balconies and floor to ceiling windows invite its guests to contemplate the beautiful garden outside and the exotic pool. Come on the living room design. It is a comfortable square enclave 3 steps lower than the ground floor, guarded by a heavy cast iron fireplace. The sectional roof of the Bowen Mountain House is part of its allure, with a pavilion-style design that creates an open living space below. What is so brilliant about this home is the look and feel of its design, and that it is intimately immersed into its natural environment. The exterior and interior design is diverse and this time we’ve posted lots of photos for you to check out and get inspired.