Our Free NFL Picks Are Back!

Pardon us while we openly slobber all over our screen--and not for the image above.

The day we've all been waiting for is almost here. The beginning of the NFL season. And with that, comes the beginning of our 2010 Free NFL Picks. What more can you ask for?

The pick is in for Thursday night, with Sunday's picks to follow in the coming days.

Minnesota Vikings +6 over the New Orleans Saints

We don't mind that Brett Favre is playing on a bum ankle, or that the Saints pummeled him in the NFC Championship Game last season, or that he is without his favorite target from last year. In fact, we love it. A line that should be closer to a push than a touchdown has been seriously inflated up to +6 for Minnesota, and that could grow still. Folks, this is going to be a close game, and we're not ruling out a Vikings win.

People forget that this is mostly the same Vikings team that woulda shoulda coulda beat the Saints the last time around. It's a very talented squad that isn't even getting the respect they deserve within their own division--that they won in 2009! The bottom line is, we like this spread a lot to open up the season.

As much as we're sure you enjoyed our annual quasi-hiatus over the summer, we are back in full force. After Thursday, a full weekend of NCAA Football and the NFL will follow. For weeks. So sit back and enjoy it, and we'll try to make you a little money while you do.