A Very Average College Kickoff Weekend

After all of that--all the excitement that the beginning of a new football season brings--we find ourselves just about right where we started with a 5-4-1 Free NCAA Football Picks record. But hey, football's back.

Week 1 of the NCAA Football schedule brought us a perfectly average 1-1-1 record on Thursday, followed by a 4-3 mark on Saturday, giving us a 56 percent success rate through 10 picks.

Now, if we do that every week, we'll end up making a little bit of cash. After all, 56 percent is not terrible. But still, anything below the unofficial Mendoza Line in sports betting of 60 percent is a disappointment, even if it's just one week and ten games. We always like to start with a bang (who wouldn't?), and we didn't quite get that in Week 1. Then again, Week 1 can be goofy considering the lack of tangible statistics available, so coming out with a winning record is not the worst thing to happen.

(By the way, as part of our "post pictures of good looking women in order to make this place a little more visually appealing" campaign, we searched for a picture of Lindsay Lohan, a celebrity we've long concerned very average. Average picks, average pic--get it? A quick image search, however, proved to us that she has had some decidedly above average moments, as evidenced above.)

Let's take a look at the week that was--or rather, the Saturday that was, as Thursday's recap can be found here.

In our big blowout games, Nebraska took care of a -39 spread against Western Kentucky, though not by much, while Oklahoma couldn't handle the pressures of -34 spread against mighty Utah State. K-State covered (-2) over UCLA, as did Michigan (-3) over UConn and Colorado (-11) over Colorado State, but Troy failed to cover a -11 spread against Bowling Green. Finally, our lone underdog, Louisville at +3, couldn't handle Kentucky after all.

Like we said earlier this week, we plan on increasing the volume of picks this year, so 10 a week should be a common occurrence (it was as few as three last year). Additionally, we will mix in some over/unders as opposed to straight point spread in the future.

Also in the future? The NFL! Come back for our Thursday pick to open the season, as well as a full slate of Sunday Free NFL Picks to follow Week 2 of college football action.

Free NCAA Football Picks
Week 1: 5-4-1