Week 1 Busts Turned to Week 2 Locks

Fans of the NFL might have had to do a double take after seeing so many “favorites” take their lumps in losses in the first week of the 16-game schedule. With favorites like Indianapolis, San Diego and San Francisco falling over like dominoes, the term “any given Sunday” was said more in one hour of postgame coverage than in the past three seasons combined.

However, faithful NFL gamblers didn't expect lightning to strike in consecutive weeks – at least not for a few of these teams.

Peyton Manning and the Colts losing to a perennially bad Houston Texans team, 34-24, only stands out as odd if you don’t realize the hit the Colts’ secondary took when Sanders was yet again knocked out, and the fact that, although still undersold, the Texans boast an Indy-like offense with their wideouts and deep game.

When Manning faced Manning this Sunday night, you could bet that Indy and their -5.5 spread was in no danger versus a Giants team that cannot and would not slow down Peyton and the Colts’ big O.

San Diego took a mighty beating at the hands of a restarting Kansas City Chiefs squad. With the Jaguars coming into their house on Sunday evening, however, San Diego looked good. A -7 spread is a tall task for a team that lost to in-division rivals and then faced a tough defensive squad in Jacksonville that just beat the Broncos. Win? Yes. Cover? Um... yes.

The 49ers are playing a Monday night game against defending Super Bowl champs the New Orleans Saints. After getting blown out by the Seahawks, this isn’t the best time for the 49ers to bounce back. Although the Saints didn’t kill the scoreboard against Minnesota, San Francisco also put up a weak showing with 6 points. We have no Free NFL Pick for tonight, but look for New Orleans and the points here. This one’s like an online casino bonus.

Other teams to watch that looked good included: the Houston Texans -3 over the Redskins (push) and New England’s slim -1.5 over the Jets (cover).

NFL picking isn’t like video black jack. Nothing’s set in stone. But these teams looked solid and didn't disappoint.