Week 2 Free NCAA Football Picks (56% YTD)

It's Week 2 in college football, perhaps overshadowed by Week 1 of pro football, but glorious nonetheless. The only disappointing thing is the fact that now that football is underway, every week we are closer to it all being over with again. But there's lots of time before that and hopefully lots of money to be made as well. We've already given you the following Free NCAA Football Picks:

East Carolina -13 1/2 over Memphis

Florida State +7 over Oklahoma

Tennesse +12 over Oregon

SMU -11 1/2 over UAB

USC -20 over Virginia

And now, for a few more:

Washington -13 over Syracuse

South Carolina -3 over Georgia

N.C. State +3 over Central Florida

Georiga Tech -14 over Kansas

After a 5-4-1 (56%) Week 1, we're looking to build on that win total with these nine picks AND POSSIBLY more to come. You'll just have to keep checking back and giving us page views to find out muahahaha! But really, we might be adding some very late tonight or early tomorrow, so don't say we didn't warn you.

As far as totals go, we might whip out some over/unders for Saturday but are more likely to hold off one more week, allowing our numbers to strengthen up a bit. Like we said, it is technically a different system than our patented Free NCAA Football Picks and we'd prefer to be a little more confident about what we are providing. If we get on a roll with our sides, we might keep delaying the debut of the totals.

And of course, on another note, Jenn Sterger makes her return as our featured picture gal (with a friend!), as Florida State is both one of our picks and the school she picked to launch her breasts into fame. And we thank her for that.

Good luck!