Week 3 Free NFL Picks Are In (85% YTD)

Our much anticipated Free NFL Picks are in for Week 3. After an 5-1 Week 1 with a 6-1 Week 2 encore, we're hoping for more magic in our Week 3 encore encore. Here are the picks:

Falcons +3 1/2 over the Saints

Steelers -3 over the Buccaneers

Bengals -3 1/2 over the Panthers

49ers -3 over the Chiefs

Lions +11 over the Vikings

Colts -6 over the Broncos

Chargers -5 1/2 over the Seahawks

Redskins -4 1/2 over the Rams

It's a big card this week, and maybe we're pushing our one-loss per week luck by upping the ante to eight games, but we have a lot of value with, as it turns out, all road teams. Last week, road teams went 9-7 overall against home teams in the NFL, so don't get too freaked out by the large amount of white jerseys we're hoping lead us to more green.

Free NFL Picks
Week 1: 5-1
Week 2: 6-1
Overall: 11-2... 85%