Why Yes, We Do Accept Donations

It's time for our most important post of the year.

A number of you have asked us (in our dreams) if we accept donations, and we are here to tell you that yes, we do indeed.

We're riding high after a 13-5 weekend of football action (72% if you're scoring at home), including a 5-1 mark in the pros, so might as well take this opportunity to get greedy. As we've done for nearly three years now, we will continue to provide free picks in all sorts of sports, particular football with our Free NCAA Football Picks and our Free NFL Picks.

Thing is, these picks take time. We spend a significant portion of our day pouring over our time-tested systems and distributing that information to you, and we never ask for anything in return except for when we write posts begging you for your spare change.

If you've tailed us and would like to give us a cut of your newfound riches, we would appreciate it. To donate, click the PayPal button at the top of the lefthand column and enter any amount with as many zeros as you want to the PayPal address of stocklemonblog@gmail.com.

So go ahead, buy us a beer for the inevitable lows that every bettor experiences, or give an extra dollar to stick in a piece of lingerie at a respected establishment for the inevitable highs that we hope continue.

Thank you for your support and we will be back with more winners this week!