Free NFL Picks Have Another Average Week (67% YTD)

After a hot 11-2 start for our Free NFL Picks, they've gone 4-4 and 3-3 in the last two weeks, giving them a 7-7 mark for those of you who chose not to finish the second grade.

Overall, that puts them at 18-9 this season, which while still pretty good, is very disappointing considering the start. We know that these things kind of even out over the course of a season, but we also know that we need to do a better job of differentiating between what qualifies as as system play. Two of our picks in particular, the Colts (-8) and the Bengals (-3) felt very square to us, leading us to think we should bring more of a human element to our picks rather than simply trust our numbers.

Still, all we've lost is a few followers and a little juice in the last two weeks, which isn't bad for what we would call a slump.

Obviously, both our Free NCAA Football Picks and our Free NFL Picks are not where we want them to be after a great start, so we have some work to do this week.

But did we mention we are 100% on Free UFL Picks!?!?!?!?!

The NFL breakdown follows:

Free NFL Picks
Week 1: 5-1
Week 2: 6-1
Week 3: 4-4
Week 4: 3-3
Overall: 18-9... 67%