Week 5 Free NFL Picks (67% YTD)

Our Free NFL Picks started hot and have cooled off the last two weeks, with consecutive .500 outings. We're hoping to get back on track with a week of three-point favorites! Not usually the way to accomplish a winning record, but lots of value in these plays this week.

Falcons -3 over the Browns

Packers -3 over the Redskins

Lions -3 over the Rams

Texans -3 over the Giants

Colts -7 over the Chiefs

Titans +7 over the Cowboys

49ers -3 1/2 over the Eagles

That should be it for tomorrow's action. Again, very favorite heavy and there are some "square" looking plays in the bunch, but we're going to trust our 67% system while we can still say that it's 67%.

Here's the evidence:

Free NFL Picks
Week 1: 5-1
Week 2: 6-1
Week 3: 4-4
Week 4: 3-3
Overall: 18-9... 67%

As a side note, we aren't planning on having a play for Monday's Jets-Vikes game, but we might as well continue to post pictures of Jenn Sterger in light of Brett Favre's penis pictures hitting the web. She seems to have given our college picks a little boost (more on that, hopefully, in a bit), so we'll pull a Favre and try to ride Jenn.