Week 7 Free NCAA Football Picks

Is it Week 7 already? Where as the time gone? (Or as some of you have asked the last few weeks, where has our money gone?) As we check out this week's college football odds at Doc's Sports, we can't help but wonder how the season is already halfway through.

After six weeks of college football, our Free NCAA Football Picks have gotten us... absolutely nowhere. We are .500 on the season, which means we are in the same position we were in on Day 1, minus some juice and pride.

But there is hope for our Free NCAA Football Picks, coming off a 5-2 Week 6 to even the record to 29-29-1 on the season.

It may have taken six weeks to get to essentially go full circle, but this week we are planning to leave our .500 days behind us and show what our picks are all about.

With that lengthy intro, here are the Week 7 Free NCAA Football Picks:

Ohio State -4 over Wisconsin

Hawaii +7 over Nevada

Michigan State -7 1/2 over Illinois

Georgia -14 over Vanderbilt

Oklahoma State +3 over Texas Tech

Arkansas +3 1/2 over Auburn

Virginia +7 over North Carolina

Clemson -14 over Maryland

Once again, there may be some additions to this week's card, but not a lot is jumping out at the moment. Really, we're just watching for potential totals that we could end up playing, but we might be over/under free for the week despite our 3-0 totals record on the year.

Stay tuned and good luck!