Bah, Humbug

Black Friday, Buy More Stuff Saturday, then Cyber Monday. Christmas sales, songs and decorations for the last 2 weeks. I'm already Christmased out.

I declare today Bah Humbug Tuesday! No shopping, no carols, and no damn gingerbread!

If gingerbread were any good, wouldn't we have it all year? Maybe it's like turkey, many people only have it once a year.

Well, anyway, have a nice day.


Crazy Painted

Car Paint-10
Crazy Painted

Car Paint-11
Crazy Painted

 Car Paint-12
Crazy Painted

Am I Too Late?

It's still technically Cyber Monday and I've just finished posting some designer heels on my ebay store. Go check them out!!




...and more :)

Cyber Monday!

I can't say that I know where a ton of great deals are but I'm going to research it right now! I'll continue to update this post as I find goodies for us :)
This is a pretty good start though... The very popular Jessica Simpson Dany (I just ordered the grey snake and already have and love the black version) is only $69.99 today!! They have purple velvet too!!! And free shipping! So many exclamations!
If you want some boots I have a half off coupon for you too... 50BOOT
I got the Alfie in "Dust" is one of my favorite online shopping resources and they're having a buy more save more event. Spend $100 get $30 off, etc. Click HERE 

Another favorite, just started a huge end of season sale with some really great shoes and lots of sizes. No code needed. is offering 50% off sale items with code FP72HMPZF awesome!

And though I haven't officially announced it, I am the new designer for bebe footwear. So I'm sneaking this news in here so that YOU know if first. haha. They are doing a Cyber Monday deal... 20% off plus free shipping

Over at Vintage Shaun (super cute vintage goodies) you'll get 15% off with code: SHAUN

Enjoy! And leave me a comment with your favorite deals of the day :)

Classic Triumph Cars Models Triumph Dolomite 8 Parts 1

Classic Triumph Cars Models Triumph Dolomite 8 Parts 1

Classic Triumph Cars Models Triumph Dolomite 8
Picture Of

Classic Triumph Cars

Classic Triumph Cars

Triumph Classic Cars Parts 1

The Triumph Dolomite was a car that first appeared in 1934 as a sports car and reused on a series of sporting saloons and open cars until at least 1939 when the Triumph Motor Company went into receivership. A number were still sold and registered in 1940, though it is uncertain whether the receiver or new owner turned out cars from spare parts, or sold off completed cars. All except the Straight 8 featured a "waterfall" grille styled by Walter Belgrove, versions of the saloons with conventional grilles were sold as Continental models.

A Small Free NFL Picks Card (62%)

Our Free NFL Picks have been pretty solid lately, unfortunately we just haven't had a large volume of plays. And unfortunately, that's not changing this week. Quality over quantity, or something.

Vikings -2 over Redskins

Seahawks +2 over Chiefs

Texans -6 over Titans

Enjoy your three-pick Sunday, but be on the lookout for an added play or two.

Getting Our Free NCAA Football Picks In

We have a full slate of college football in this the final big week of Free NCAA Football Picks action. Let's get out on a high note and carry it into bowl season.

LSU +3 1/2 over Arkansas

Florida State -2 over Florida

South Carolina -2 1/2 over Clemson

N.C. State -2 over Maryland

Tennessee -3 over Kentucky

Oklahoma/Oklahoma State OVER 67

Cincinnati +3 over Connecticut

Full disclosure: We only picked LSU this week so that we could post that picture. Just kidding. Kind of.

Fashion Hairstyle Fall-Winter 2010-2011. Photos.

Fashion-conscious women were twisting and plaiting their hair. Today a ponytail is the trendiest hairdo of this season.

The ponytail was consummated at Louis Vuitton fashion show. Stylist Michael Kors made the hairdo more volumetric and textural with backcombing. It is the best hairstyle for windy weather. Preen refused of common scrunchies fastening the ponytails with complicated knots. We see an example of minimalism at Stella McCartney's fashion show.

Happy Thanksgiving

Shouldn't you be eating turkey with the family?

Shouldn't you be preparing for Black Friday?

I can't believe you're here. I guess I should feel honored that you decided to spend this small part of this Holiday with me. I am, thank you very much to each and every one. I am especially thankful for the many kind readers who called me when I was in the hospital and rehab. It was a long 15 months, and your calls made it tolerable. I ever you find yourself in the same situation (hopefully never) I'll do my best to return your kindness.

Enjoy the Holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my FAVORITE holiday! I love hanging with my family and pigging out. :) I also love the excuse to be cheesy and say what I'm thankful for. Not that I really need one...

I'm thankful that I don't have shoes that remind me of a turkey. Sorry Givenchy, you got it all wrong.

Or these scary beasts...

I am thankful for shoes that use feathers tastefully. Like these by L.A.M.B.

But more than that, I'm thankful for my health, my AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING husband, my family and friends (including all of you of course!) and my cutie little puppies that are trying really hard to reach the turkey on the counter top. Not gonna happen guys.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Your ShoeGirl, Celine

Giving Thanks For Our Free Picks

We had a little better record this past weekend, going 3-1 in the NFL and a still below-average 2-2 in NCAA Football, but hey, anything to take our minds off of the week prior.

And this week provides another opportunity to forget about the losses we've had and give thanks for the wins, and hope that more are to come.

While you stuff your face with turkey today, stuff your wallet with this Free NFL Pick. Of course, more picks will follow this weekend, but let this fulfill your hunger for betting action tomorrow.

Patriots -7 over the Lions

The Lions have been a tough out on Thanksgiving, but not this tough. The Patriots should come prepared to take down a depleted Lions team fading fast.

And if the Patriots don't come through, at least you'll eat well watching it.

Good luck and happy Thanksgiving!

Used Classic Triumph Cars Models Triumph Gloria Southern Cross Parts 3

Used Classic Triumph Cars Models Triumph Gloria Southern Cross Parts 3

classic Triumph Cars Models Triumph Gloria Southern Cross
Picture Of

Classic Triumph Cars Models Triumph Gloria Southern Cross

Classic Triumph Cars // Triumph Gloria Southern Cross

Triumph Classic Cars Parts 3

Introduced in 1932, the Southern Cross was Triumph's Sports vehicle with a primary export market in both Australia and New Zealand during the pre-war years. Even today, prewar Triumph's Cars are found more often ‘down under' than any other location outside of the U.K. Named after a constellation that was visible only in the southern hemisphere, the Southern Cross was produced until 1937.

Featuring two-seat roadster bodywork, the 1935-1937 Southern Cross came with twin spares on the rear, and had a classic slab gas tank. Though wider and appearing larger, the four cylinder vehicles have a profile and length quite similar to a T series MG. The very unique six-cylinder vehicles were stretched 9' between the radiator and the firewall which attributed to the sweeping body lines. The models were designed and styled by Walter Belgrove, the only true carryover into the post-war era.

The name was broken down and abbreviated to 'SX' on the body ID plates and was featured as a sports version of the Triumph Super Nine. A four seat sports tourer, the SX could be driven with a tonneau over the rear seats. The SX was the basis of Triumph's original works competition vehicles at the Alpine Trials and the Monte Carlo Rally of 1934.

In comparison to other compact sport vehicles, the Southern Cross was quite popular and excelled magnificently in rallies and trials where strength won out over the lighter and more fragile vehicles. This would become the standard of Triumph's success later on in history. Largely due the results of the Southern Crosses agility on the race course, CEO John Black later acquired Triumph Cars for the sporting reputation it brought.

Hey Look! An Episode of The Lemmy Channel!

It's been a while, but we finally rolled out another edition of The Lemmy Channel over at the host site of our northern friends, The Bucky Channel. Check it out to read our thoughts on the red hot Wisconsin Badgers and Green Bay Packers up in Wisconsin.

For those of you who don't care about our arrangement with a site in Wisconsin that requires us to write about the state, we'll have the other 49 covered for you here at Stock Lemon.

We'll also have a recap of our weekend coming soon, which was just above average but can be considered a huge success after last weekend.

Stay tuned... unless you're using the clicker to switch over to The Bucky Channel.

James Dias Tattoo, oportunidade

James Dias escreveu para nossa redação a procura de uma oportunidade em um estúdio maior. Sua prioridade é para estúdios em Portugal, onde reside atualmente, mas todas as propostas serão analisadas.

Se você procura um bom tatuador para completar o staff de seu estúdio, confira os trabalhos de James e entre em contato.

O tatuador possui todo material profissional próprio. James Dias é conhecido como JD Tattoo e trabalha profissionalmente no estúdio JD Tattoo fazem três anos.

Os interessados devem entrar em contato.

T.: 351 913234141

Coming Soon: 2010-11 Free NHL Picks

Though football has consumed almost all of our time these last few months, we've gotten a few inquiries about whether or not we would be betting on other sports.

Our first reaction was, holy crap! You mean there are other sports?!

Our second reaction was remembering that, yes, we used to bet on these other sports quite a bit. Our Free NBA Picks were once the bread and butter of this site (then again, so were stocks), but we've lost faith in our system over the last year and a half to the point that we are now proceeding with exceed caution in that department.

What you will start seeing... eventually... is some Free NHL Picks, which we've had in the past but not to the volume with which we plan on posting this season. You know... eventually.

We're letting the early season numbers work themselves out, but December should bring about our first puck action this year.

In the meantime, check out our friends over at The Hockey Program, who have all sorts of great hockey coverage to get your ready for our (eventual) 2010-11 batch of Free NHL Picks.

We plan on ripping off Lexus and having a December to Remember, so be sure to check back often (in November too!) as we help you earn a little Christmas bonus that your boss is too cheap to give out this year.

Free NFL Picks Look For Another Winning Week

We had just four plays in college football yesterday (2-2), and we have just four plays in the pros today. Some favorable matchups for the road teams in this week's card.

Packers -3 over the Vikings

Ravens -12 over the Panthers

Browns +2 over the Jaguars

Falcons -3 over the Rams

Best of luck!

ROBERT A. M. STERN: House at Blue Water Hill (2007)

Have you seen the House at Blue Water Hill (2007) by Robert A. M. Stern?  If you haven't, it is truly magnificent (which should come as no surprise since Mr. Stern designed it).  I've posted a few screenshots below, but you can visit for more photos...
Sky-blue stained shingles, leaded hand-blown glass, and white-painted shutters and window boxes at the double-hung windows give the house a casual feel of early twentieth-century beach houses in Maine or Nantucket. Picturesque gables and dormers at the gambrel roof reduce the apparent height of the house. Classical detailing, hand-scraped oak floors, beadboard paneling, and cork ceilings bring the simple charm indoors.
Look at how the home is situated.  The blue hydrangeas complement the facade... 

The rear facade and outdoor living area of the House at Blue Water Hill by master architect Robert A. M. Stern, with its beautiful pool area and flagstone patio.
An inviting outdoor living area, featuring terraces, porches, pool, etc.
The view, the woodwork, the fireplace, the sense of intimacy -- need I say more?
And speaking of a view... 
A breakfast room adjoins the kitchen (with pale painted blue cabinetry. 
The staircase.... 
The entrance hall... A truly spectacular home!

College Football Recovery Week

After a dismal week in college football (we won't even mention it in this space, just look to the records on the right), we're ready to chase our losses!

In all actuality, we have a very small card this week. Here goes:

Arkansas -3 over Mississippi State

Stanford -7 over California

Lousiville +4 1/2 over West Virginia

Troy +21 1/2 over South Carolina

Good luck!

Lanvin ♥ H&M

Tomorrow!!! It's finally here tomorrow. Who else is excited!!??

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Lanvin is doing a collection for H&M.
Former collabs include  Stella McCartney in 2005, Roberto Cavalli in 2007, Comme de Garcons in 2008, last year's collaboration with Matthew Williamson. They also did a shoe line by Jimmy Choo that brought insane crowds and overnight campers. Or crazies as I like to call them.

Here are some of my favorite pieces!

Amazing, right??? These dresses are SO Lanvin but at a price we can afford! Well, sort of. They're still a little pricy but compared to the designer line, they're a bargain. 
This top is so cute! I mean, it's all about the shoes!

Here's a better picture of the red dress I love

I can't get over how much these shoes look like their designer line shoes!

This yellow dress is classic Lanvin!

Such an adorable print/color combo

Are any of you crazy enough to camp out tonight??? I know my friends at Miu Miu are planning to sleep in the store and then go to the H&M store at the butt crack of dawn to get in line. 
Good luck!!