Coming Soon: 2010-11 Free NHL Picks

Though football has consumed almost all of our time these last few months, we've gotten a few inquiries about whether or not we would be betting on other sports.

Our first reaction was, holy crap! You mean there are other sports?!

Our second reaction was remembering that, yes, we used to bet on these other sports quite a bit. Our Free NBA Picks were once the bread and butter of this site (then again, so were stocks), but we've lost faith in our system over the last year and a half to the point that we are now proceeding with exceed caution in that department.

What you will start seeing... eventually... is some Free NHL Picks, which we've had in the past but not to the volume with which we plan on posting this season. You know... eventually.

We're letting the early season numbers work themselves out, but December should bring about our first puck action this year.

In the meantime, check out our friends over at The Hockey Program, who have all sorts of great hockey coverage to get your ready for our (eventual) 2010-11 batch of Free NHL Picks.

We plan on ripping off Lexus and having a December to Remember, so be sure to check back often (in November too!) as we help you earn a little Christmas bonus that your boss is too cheap to give out this year.