Lanvin ♥ H&M

Tomorrow!!! It's finally here tomorrow. Who else is excited!!??

Unless you live under a rock, you know that Lanvin is doing a collection for H&M.
Former collabs include  Stella McCartney in 2005, Roberto Cavalli in 2007, Comme de Garcons in 2008, last year's collaboration with Matthew Williamson. They also did a shoe line by Jimmy Choo that brought insane crowds and overnight campers. Or crazies as I like to call them.

Here are some of my favorite pieces!

Amazing, right??? These dresses are SO Lanvin but at a price we can afford! Well, sort of. They're still a little pricy but compared to the designer line, they're a bargain. 
This top is so cute! I mean, it's all about the shoes!

Here's a better picture of the red dress I love

I can't get over how much these shoes look like their designer line shoes!

This yellow dress is classic Lanvin!

Such an adorable print/color combo

Are any of you crazy enough to camp out tonight??? I know my friends at Miu Miu are planning to sleep in the store and then go to the H&M store at the butt crack of dawn to get in line. 
Good luck!!