Used Classic Triumph Cars Models Triumph Gloria Southern Cross Parts 3

Used Classic Triumph Cars Models Triumph Gloria Southern Cross Parts 3

classic Triumph Cars Models Triumph Gloria Southern Cross
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Classic Triumph Cars Models Triumph Gloria Southern Cross

Classic Triumph Cars // Triumph Gloria Southern Cross

Triumph Classic Cars Parts 3

Introduced in 1932, the Southern Cross was Triumph's Sports vehicle with a primary export market in both Australia and New Zealand during the pre-war years. Even today, prewar Triumph's Cars are found more often ‘down under' than any other location outside of the U.K. Named after a constellation that was visible only in the southern hemisphere, the Southern Cross was produced until 1937.

Featuring two-seat roadster bodywork, the 1935-1937 Southern Cross came with twin spares on the rear, and had a classic slab gas tank. Though wider and appearing larger, the four cylinder vehicles have a profile and length quite similar to a T series MG. The very unique six-cylinder vehicles were stretched 9' between the radiator and the firewall which attributed to the sweeping body lines. The models were designed and styled by Walter Belgrove, the only true carryover into the post-war era.

The name was broken down and abbreviated to 'SX' on the body ID plates and was featured as a sports version of the Triumph Super Nine. A four seat sports tourer, the SX could be driven with a tonneau over the rear seats. The SX was the basis of Triumph's original works competition vehicles at the Alpine Trials and the Monte Carlo Rally of 1934.

In comparison to other compact sport vehicles, the Southern Cross was quite popular and excelled magnificently in rallies and trials where strength won out over the lighter and more fragile vehicles. This would become the standard of Triumph's success later on in history. Largely due the results of the Southern Crosses agility on the race course, CEO John Black later acquired Triumph Cars for the sporting reputation it brought.