As hard as I try

no matter how pleasnt my day has been, somebody manages to piss me off.

Today Mrs. C and I went to a nice lunch with my friend MB and her Mom. Got my first Christmas gift. On the way home Mrs. C bought a hot chocolate from Mickey D's for me. Turned on the TV to catch some golf. Life couldn't be better.

Then the news came on.

Charles Rangel (D NY) -you can look up what he did if yer interested- was censured, which means a large percentage of the House agreed he acted inappropiately.

In his first interview with the NY press he stated, among other stuff, and I'm not making this up,
"I didn't have sex with cildren."

Let's build him a monument!!!

I didn't have sex with children either, so make it 2 monuments.

Mine should be with an automatic spray system to wash off the bird doody.

And just in case you were wondering, when some of his illiterate, moronic faithful constituents said they would vote for him again because he had robbed done so much for them.