Can We Blame the Snow?

Well, that was a crazy week.

Crazy because the roof of the Metrodome completely caved in. Crazy because our fourth and final Free NFL Picks was delayed to Monday night in one of the more bizarre scenarios ever played out in the NFL. Crazy because, for the second time this season, we suffered a losing week.

So, like every week, let us start our post off with excuses. Who could have predicted the wild circumstances to the Giants/Vikings game when we made our pick on Saturday? Who could have predicted (even though many did) that Brett Favre actually wouldn't play, even with an extra day of rest? The answer, unfortunately, is not us.

Our Free NFL Picks went 1-3, plummeting them down to 60% on the season. We wanted to stop the presses on our final pick, the Vikings to win Monday night, but had already made it and felt it unfair to retract it from our blog. We could have hedged it, but where is the fun in that.

So we stuck with it, and predictably, we lost. So we'll blame the snow, chalk this up as a fluke week (when we've only had one other losing week, we have the privilege of doing so) and move forward to try and stay about that 60% gambling Mendoza line.

The NFL is a grind, whether you play, coach, or sit on your ass and watch from your coach while wagering on the sport. Sometimes, it is tough sledding. Sometimes, it's okay to blame the snow.

We just can't let it happen again, and we're determined not to let it.